Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 6077 - 234.-243. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 6077 Chile

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    Recess by Narciso Desmadryl from Perkins Bacon Plates 1854 (Sept / 1855 (Feb): The two most legendary and important mint multiples in Chilean philately with the February 1855 5 c. pale reddish brown, wmk. pos.1, the famous unused block, with a marginal block of six, a single example and a vertical marginal pair forming the irregular block of nine, of outstanding rich colour with large margins all round and just the fourth stamp imperceptibly shaved at top, with italic imprint at base "(coloc)ar las estamp(illas arriba de) la direccion y hacia la derecha En moja(ndo)". Positions 219-220-221-222-223 / 231--233-234-235 on the sheet of 240 subjects. Minor imperfections and position 235 with minor scuff on face of no significance, some slight ancient paper adherence on reverse otherwise fresh and very fine with large part original gum. A fantastic block (the block of six alone would be the largest known multiple), illustrated in Edition D'Or XXVI on page 95, illustrated in 'Los Primeros Sellos de Chile' by Joaquin Galvez on colour plate 3. The 'pièce de resistance' of Chilean classic philately. Cert. Philatelic Foundation (1997).rnrnProvenance 5 centavos: Collection Joaquin Galvez, Corinphila sale 62, May 1979, lot 3144.rn                   Collection Jean Dupont, Balasse, May 1981, lot 56.rn                   Collection 'Islander', Corinphila sale 95. Dec 1996, lot 886.rnrnoffered together with the September 1854 Desmadryl printing 10 c. slate blue, wmk. position 1, with marginal 'CORREOS', the equally famous unused sheet marginal block of ten (5 x 2) from top of sheet, positions 6-10/18-22, in wonderfully fresh condition in a sharp impression, with huge margins on three sides and sixth stamp cut into at base, showing part sheet marginal inscription "hacia la derecha  En mojando el Dorso es preciso cuidar de no..." at top. The block was found attached to the reverse flap of a November 1854 cover addressed to Buenos Aires, the obverse of the cover bearing a marginal horizontal pair of 10 c. with imprint "..s arriba de la direccion y" showing part of the "h" of "hacia" and thus adjoining the block of ten, the block being unnecessary to the cover and probably left there in error as the rate to Argentina was only double the internal tariff. Minute trivial thins and tiny scissor cut in margin only at top well away from the design and not affecting the splendid appearance, reverse with slight indentation made by the original wax seal which can be seen against the light. The block was obviously lightly adhering to the reverse of the cover and was removed prior to 1926, fully preserving the gum proved by the two tiny specks of red wax on the large part original gum. The largest recorded multiple of the Desmadryl 10 centavos and the only recorded unused block. Illustrated in 'Chile First Issues of Postage Stamps 1853-1867' by Gerhard Blank on colour plate 4. An outstanding multiple of extraordinary beauty and perfect provenance. One of the most important pieces of both Chilean and South American classic philately. Unique. Cert. Philatelic Foundation (1997).rnrnProvenance: Described in the Kohl Handbook in 1925 on page 652. Collections Marco del Pont and Dr. Hahn (prior to 1926), R.F.A. Riesco (1926)*, Alfred H. Caspary, Harmers, June 1958, lot 641; Collection Josiah K. Lilly, Siegel, Dec 1968, lot 97; Collection Joaquin Galvez, Corinphila sale 62, May 1979, lot 3238; Collection 'Islander', Corinphila sale 95, Dec 1996, lot 860.rnrnNote: R.F.A.Riesco exhibited this block in the International Exhibition at Grand Central Palace, New York, Oct 16-26, 1926. In his four frame collection mentioned in the catalogue for the exhibition is a "marginal mint block of ten of the 10c. Desmadryl printing of 1854."rnCorinphila would like to thank Jörg Maier for the photographs of the original November 1854 cover that resides in his collection.rnrnThe above two multiples represent the most important mint multiples of Chilean classic philately and are offered together for the first time as one lot, the previous owners alone, from Riesco, Caspary, Lilly, Galvez, Dupont, Hubbard and Hackmey represent a 'roll-call' of many of the greatest collectors known to Chilean philately since its inception as a hobby. A wonderful opportunity to obtain the two major mint multiples of Chile.rnrnrnrnrn 
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