tradition and experience in classic philately since 1925
For important collections of the highest international standing which have not been exhibited by the collector, an EDITION SPÉCIALE series was created in addition to the EDITION D´OR series.

Arnim Knapp • The Franco-envelopes of the Royal Saxon post offices

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article number: 416
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By means of the „older literature“ the author tried to gather new findings and then illustrate those with the help of modern methods.

For decades he studied this collection area as potential collector within the “Forschungsgemeinschaft Sachsen e.V. (= Study Group of Saxony) and discussed some topics with well-known philatelists which also resulted in new findings which are clearly presented in this book as well.

Emphases were put on the production technology, the usage of entires within Saxony, the German-Austrian postal association, the mail abroad and overseas. On December 31, 1867 the Postal Authority of Saxony came to an end and part of the remainder envelopes were adapted and used by the successor postal authority (= Norddeutscher Bund). This collection area is also included in this book. In order to assess the frequency all deliveries are shown in quantity charts. Additionally it was attempted to judge the rarity by means of relative frequency.

Above all, the author wants to encourage advanced philatelists to reprocess their collection of Saxony entires or animate beginners for this collection area, which is so diverse that an interested philatelist can have fun for decades to build up his collection of entires. This manual shall be a useful support.

402 pages, of which 394 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound in German

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EDITION SPÉCIALE • Juwelen der Philatelie - Altdeutschland- und Österreich-Raritäten des 19. Jahrhunderts • Die Sammlung 'Amadeus'

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article number: 413

There hardly is another similar philatelic collection like the 'Amadeus' collection presented in this book! The collection has never been shown to the public and only excerpts are described here. The collection captivates due to the beauty and quality of the items of the German States and Classic Austria. The collector was able to incorporate both attributes - beauty and aesthetics - due to his many years of love for philately as well as his skilled eyes and exquisite taste. Many pieces of his collection have been previously owned by famous people like Burrus, Caspary, Boker or Kirchner. All items have been certified upon purchase in regard to genuineness and quality by recognized experts.

213 pages, of which 206 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, German
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EDITION SPÉCIALE • Bayern - Auslandsbriefe von 1850 bis 1870 • Die Sammlung Hilmar Kraus

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article number: 412

Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um eine der umfangreichsten und bedeutendsten Sammlungen dieses Sammelgebietes. Es war der Wunsch von Hilmar Kraus, Ausschnitte und Besonderheiten seiner Sammlung im Rahmen eines Buches zu veröffentlichen und interessierten Sammlern und Lesern zur Verfügung zu stellen. Eine Sammlung, der er sich mit Leidenschaft und Akribie hingab.

131 Seiten, davon 120 Seiten Sammlungstafeln im farbigen Kunstdruck, Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag, deutsch
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EDITION SPÉCIALE • Netherlands - 'Bright and Beautiful' Postal History 1852-1867 • The Luis Alemany Indarte Collection

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article number: 403

The "colourful" diversity of the postal history of the Netherlands from 1852 to 1867 is expressed in the collection of Luis Alemany Indarte. Hardly a Netherlands collection of the past is likely to have had more three-colour frankings and mixed frankings of perforated and imperforated stamps of the 1852 and 1864 issues than that of Luis Alemany Indarte. The bright and beautiful postal history of the Netherlands from 1852 to 1867 has probably never before been portrayed so colourfully and in such variety as in this collection.

An award winning exhibition collection of the first three issues of the Netherlands on covers to mostly foreign destinations, as well as proofs, blocks, specimens, gutter pairs and special and beautiful cancellations.

157 pages, full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and Dutch

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EDITION SPÉCIALE • Postal traffic between the Netherlands and the Old-German States 1852-1900 • The Bouwe Brandsma Collection

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article number: 401

In this Special Edition, one of the Netherlands’ leading collectors Bouwe Brandsma shows his collection of mail sent between the Netherlands and the Old German States.

Highlights from the Netherlands include the three-colour franking from Amsterdam to Berlin and a cover with six copies of the 1852 5 cents (Plate V) from Amsterdam to Wiesbaden. Some highlights of the German States are a cover from Nuremberg (Bavaria) to Amsterdam with 5 copies of the 1862 12 kreuzer with the open “mill wheel” cancellation No 356 and a cover from Rostock (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) to Amsterdam franked with a block of four and a block of eight of the 1856 ¼ Schilling and also a 5 schilling value.

120 rare covers on 168 pages, full colour, hardbound with dust jacket.
Available in Dutch or German.
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Bernd Juchert: Bull's Eyes on covers (2nd edition)

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article number: 405

Collectors of Brazil's famous "Bull's Eyes" of 1843 may well have seen Bernd Juchert's first edition of this book which was a 150-page study which listed, described and illustrated, in black and white, all the "Bull's Eyes" covers that were known to him at the time.

The second edition of this book, to be published on 14th May 2015 by Wolfgang Maassen, is a world apart from the first edition. This new, high-quality and lavishly presented book now has 360 pages and it shows almost 50 per cent more covers which have come to light over the intervening years. There are also listed some 38 faked or forged covers and 18 covers on which no expert opinion has yet been given and which must be regarded as "questionable". The author and publisher make it clear that 'questionable' does not necessarily mean that these covers are faked; they might be perfectly genuine, but all the relevant questions are not yet answered and/or the author, Bernd Juchert, has not yet seen these covers at first hand.

Three characteristics in particular distinguish the new edition. The circa 300 illustrations are, for the most part, shown in colour for the first time. More than one hundred of the illustrations are new. Secondly, auction records, including prices realised, are given for almost every cover. All this is presented in an attractive, full-colour format, and trilingually, with German, English and Portuguese text. For the first time all the covers are given numbers that can, in future, be easily referred to and quoted. To date just 217 genuine "Bull's Eye" covers are known. The author and publisher have spent two years preparing this book and I have no hesitation in recommending that if you have any passing interest in either Brazil or classic first issues covers then this book should have a place in your library.

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