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Preview Corinphila Auction Series 298-307 in Zurich (2/3 & 5-9 June 2023)

Seven days, ten auction catalogues and the most diverse range of material in years - the Corinphila auction series in Zurich is on the horizon (2/3 & 5-9 June 2023)

With the upcoming series of auctions 298 to 307, the team at Corinphila in Zurich will offer the most extensive and varied range of material in years. The auction, originally planned for five days from 5 to 9 June 2023, even had to be extended so that the "auction week" will begin on the Friday and Saturday of the previous week (2/3 June 2023). In the run-up to the previously-announced viewing of all individual lots at IBRA in Essen, the participation of consignors was exceptionally high. In total, nine special catalogues as well as a main catalogue with philatelic and postal history material, including many outstanding special items, will be offered in the June auction series in Zurich.

Top-class collections and philatelic treasures from Europe and the whole world - international philatelic material that delights the viewer

Rarely has an auction programme offered such a variety of high-quality collections and single lots from all continents as are in the upcoming Corinphila auction series. Part 2 of the sale of the incomparable "Australian States and Commonwealth of Australia - the DUBOIS Collection" again offers valuable rarities from "Down Under", just to start with one of the most "distant" collecting areas. By the way, lovers of Australian philately can also look forward to two other collections - Peter Campbell's "Australian States unused" (Part 1) and Steve Butcher's "Australia - George V's reign", which will be offered as special sections in the main catalogue.

For South America, the third and final part of "Ecuador 1865 - 1872 - The GUAYAQUIL Collection" is being sold, an outstanding collection of the first issue of Ecuador with one of the key items in the collecting area: a block of 36 of the 4 Reales stamp, which was assigned to the Philipp von Ferrary Collection (1925) after extensive provenance research was completed. After the extraordinary success of the first part in June last year, the eagerly awaited second part of "British West Africa" from the 'BESANCON' collection, is now being offered, focusing on Gambia and also the provisional overprints of the Nigerian "Oil Rivers Protectorate".

The "Chateau du Soudun" material comprises two collections, Great Britain and St. Lucia, which were put together under the highest standards and are noted for their exceptional freshness and quality. The Great Britain collecting area also includes Ake Rietz's International Large Gold collection "The Line-Engraved Issues 1840-1870". The guiding theme of this collection was to tell the story of the invention of the postage stamp from the Penny Black and Two Pence Blue of 1840 to all those successor issues produced by the leading printer in the world at that time: Perkins Bacon & Co. of London. In addition to unused and used multiples, covers with high frankings and rare postmarks are also offered. The top item is a block of four of the unissued official Penny Black stamp with the letters 'VR' in the upper corners, whose provenance can be traced back to 1899 and has already enriched the collection of the Earl of Crawford (1911), among others.


The material being offered from South America and Europe once again includes a selection of lots from the estate of Pietro Provera. Collectors can expect a magnificent compilation of almost exclusively rare covers from various European collecting areas as well as from South and Central America. The second part of the Waldviertel collection with valuable material from Austria and Lombardy-Venetia offers above all highly interesting items from a postal history point of view.

The second part of the "Zeppelin" collection from the unique philatelic estate of the entrepreneur Erivan Haub is also eagerly awaited. One of the highlights of this part of the ERIVAN collection is a spectacular disaster cover of the HINDENBURG airship, which was recovered in 1937 after the crash at Lakehurst. Last but not least, the special "Switzerland" catalogue should be mentioned, which also offers an extremely varied range. The cantonal issues and Dr. James Johnstone's International Gold Medal collection "Ziffermuster 1882-1899" are particularly well represented.

The main "All World" catalogue follows on seamlessly from the diversity offered and presents a high-quality range that has something in store for almost every collector. Especially outstanding are the many special sections, including "Nepal Postal History", the Gold Medal collection of Robert Wightman, and "Greenland 1721 - 1938", the extraordinary 'POLARLIGHT' collection (Part 1), which was put together over 30 years and is one of the largest existing collections in this field of collecting. Austria stands out with a collection of Prince & Emperor letters from 1500 onwards, as well as the first issue of 1850 from the Habsburg Collection (Part 2). The same applies to Anton Theodor Gaube's research collection of the newspaper tax stamps of Austria and Lombardy-Venetia, and Part 1 of Dr. Geza Homonnay's Gold Medal collection "Hungarian Post Offices in Romania", to name only selected examples.

Viewing of lots at IBRA 2023 - all the material is on the Internet

Visitors to IBRA 2023 in Essen (25-28 May 2023) can view all the individual lots in the June auction at Corinphila's large joint stand. The team is looking forward to many interesting technical discussions.

All the material being offered will be available from the end of April at in the online catalogue with tens of thousands of images, also including many collections and bulk lots. Participation in the auction is possible from the comfort of your own home via the tried and tested online live bidding system. It is worth registering in good time.

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