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Arnim Knapp • The Franco-envelopes of the Royal Saxon post offices

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By means of the „older literature“ the author tried to gather new findings and then illustrate those with the help of modern methods.

For decades he studied this collection area as potential collector within the “Forschungsgemeinschaft Sachsen e.V. (= Study Group of Saxony) and discussed some topics with well-known philatelists which also resulted in new findings which are clearly presented in this book as well.

Emphases were put on the production technology, the usage of entires within Saxony, the German-Austrian postal association, the mail abroad and overseas. On December 31, 1867 the Postal Authority of Saxony came to an end and part of the remainder envelopes were adapted and used by the successor postal authority (= Norddeutscher Bund). This collection area is also included in this book. In order to assess the frequency all deliveries are shown in quantity charts. Additionally it was attempted to judge the rarity by means of relative frequency.

Above all, the author wants to encourage advanced philatelists to reprocess their collection of Saxony entires or animate beginners for this collection area, which is so diverse that an interested philatelist can have fun for decades to build up his collection of entires. This manual shall be a useful support.

402 pages, of which 394 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound in German

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