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Online Live Bidding Tutorial

Live bidding is a unique service we offer to our clients. New clients are required to register and to request an appropriate credit limit once. Registration for an auction should be done latest 24 hours before the actual auction. If later, access cannot be guaranteed. 

Creating your personal account (only once):

  • In order to participate online live in our auction you have to register
  • After you registered you will receive an email with a confirmation link
  • After clicking this link you can choose your password and login
  • Once logged in you will see a link  "Live-Bidding-Registration"

Request your credit limit for Online Live Bidding (before every auction again):

  • Then you can input the amount you are going to spent in our auction
  • After we checked your data and amount you will receive a confirmation email. 

As soon as you received this email you will be able to bid online live on our auction

One day before the auction starts we have an active home screen. Please login before you start bidding an be sure being connected to the Internet. 

For assistance, please contact us at +41 (0)44-389 91 91 or send an e-mail to:


In case your screen saver starts during Online Live Bidding, please do not deactivate the screen saver by pressing 'Enter' or 'Spacebar' keys! Otherwise there is a risk that you may accidentally bid in the auction. You can deactivate the screen saver by moving the mouse.

Be aware of possible time differences and make sure you have a good internet connection. There is a minimal difference between sound and image on the screen! Possible delays between the auction room and the internet can occur, so we advise to bid as soon as possible. Ifyour bid will arrive too late, the bidder in the room will be prefered.

See also our Condition of Sales: Corinphila reserves the right at its complete discretion to prevent any person participating in its auctions.