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Swiss Federal Stamps 1850 - 1854 - The 'Durheim' - Issues, Frankings - Rarities - Richard Schäfer

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For Corinphila it's an Honour to present the new handbook written by the well known Swiss collector Richard Schäfer sen. After the release of his first Handbook on Swiss Cantonal Stamps in 2014, Mr. Schäfer's Handbook is an usefull addition concerning the research of number of printed stamps, postal usages and rates, cancellations and rarities, including valuation based on auction results of the last decades. Written in German with plenty of usefull information.

  1. Federal Post Constitutional law and tariffs

  2. Ortspost and Poste Locale

  3. Rayon Issues

  4. Cancellations

  5. External Mail

Each issue is systematically listed relating to the following scheme:

  • Historical background

  • Circulation figures

  • Prevalence, number of printed stamps

  • Usages and rates

  • Frankings and Rarities

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