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EDITION SPÉCIALE: Sweden - Postal History until 1880 • The Kersti & Bertil I. Larsson Collection

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The collection spans more than 400 years of Swedish postal history. A regular postal service between Stockholm and Hamburg was established in 1620, but it took 16 more years before an actual postal administration was founded in 1636. This introduction of the organized postal System in Sweden is documented in the collection by two tremendous Gems of Swedish postal history: The Royal Decree ‘Postbaden’ of 1636 ans A letter of 1636 forwarded by this newly formed organization, the POST.

More than 200 years later, in 1855 a uniform postage rate domestically for Sweden was introduced with the system based on weight and using postage stamps, as was being done since 1840 in Great Britain.

The following offer includes key pieces of the collection, from the pre-stamp period including rarest cancellations and most important documents of Swedish postal history. Of course you will also find mail to foreign destinations with wonderful frankings starting with the first stamps of Sweden.

Kersti and Bertil I. Larsson RDP are members of the Swedish Postal History Society (SSPD) since decades. Their research and knowledge is internationally acknowledged and Bertil is signatory of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (RDP), the most important and honourable award a philatelist can receive in life.

As a team, Kersti and Bertil have share their knowledge with the entire philatelic world by publishing articles in philatelic publications. Their outstanding and extremely well written up exhibits are a source of information not only for collectors of Swedish postal history, but also for passionate collectors of all philatelic collectible fields.

Kersti and Bertil have – since their beginnings – always relied on primary resources and have visited and exploited postal and postal museum archives in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Paris. They have worked through historical documents from the Swedish National Archives from 1636 to 1892 and make use of the acquired knowledge in all their publications and descriptions in their collections.
They have exhibited their collections worldwide since 1991 and have been awarded all levels of medals including International Large Gold 1997 in San Francisco, 1998 in Milan, 2008 in Bukarest, 2010 in Lisbon, 2012 in Jakarta.

According to Patrik Larsson, – Kersti and Bertil I. Larsson are such outstanding postal historians because they have the four characteristics needed to form and display great collections:

Knowledge of the postal history and the history of the country or area concerned,
A good eye for the Quality of the material,
Completeness of the material to show the central idea of the story told
The feeling for the Control of focus in publications and collections.

We are proud and honoured to present both of the collections of Sweden - Postal History until 1880 & Sweden - Postage Due Mail until 1892 in two EDITION SPÉCIALE.

170 pages, full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, English

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