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EDITION SPÉCIALE • Altschweiz Band II • Abstempelungen 1850-1854 • Die Sammlung Jack Luder

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If you hear the name Eduard or Jack Luder, the experienced philatelist will immediately think of Corinphila. Over a period of eight decades, from 1925 to 1992, father and son Luder have made the nowadays oldest Stamp Auction House in Switzerland to an embodiment for Philately and Stamp Auctions. What many do not know: Over many years in secrecy Jack Luder has built up a fabulous collection of Old Switzerland from 1843 – 1863 as well as cancellations from 1850 – 1854. Only a few friends and acquaintances knew about this collection. Jack Luder who died in 2015 had shown only very few collectors his philatelic jems.

The extensive history of Eduard Luder, Jack Luder and Corinphila as well as the Collection of Old Switzerland of Jack Luder himself push the boundary of a publication in one volume. Thus, the editor Corinphila together with the family Luder have decided to publish the history as well as the big collection in two volumes.

Volume I of the collection of Jack Luder shows the traditional collection of the cantonal and national stamps of the years 1843 to 1863. Also in this volume you will find the history of Eduard Luder and Corinphila from the beginning in 1919 until his sudden and unexpected death in 1967.

Apart from the wonderful Old Switzerland collection both volumes also tell the history of Eduard Luder, Jack Luder and Corinphila in the years between 1919 and 1992. The well-known philately-historian and journalist Wolfgang Maassen RDP, FRPSL, has complexly looked into this voluminous history and told the story. At the same time, the family Luder was able to contribute numerous contemporary photographs and illustrations.

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