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Auction Preview November 2017

Switzerland, Australia and worldwide: sensational philatelic and postal history material at the Corinphila auction 218-221 in Zurich (10-11 & 22-24 November 2017)

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218: Switzerland & Liechtenstein 219: Classic Switzerland 220: All World 221: Australia
Federal “highlights” and the Jack Luder collection (Part 2)
After the successful sale of the first part of the “Classic Switzerland, Cantonal and Federal Issues 1843-1863” collection of Jack Luder, lovers of federal philately may now look forward to its no less spectacular continuation. A special catalogue once again documents, in more than 370 lots, many superb items in the collection, which almost without exception includes stamps and letters of the highest quality and many first-class rarities. Among these is certainly a beautiful folded letter with a very rare Rayon II franking with complete framed cross (Lot 2111 – starting price CHF 100,000) with a black P.P postmark sent from Grandson to Aubonne. To own an example of this rarity has always been the dream of every collector of classic Switzerland.
The Swiss & Liechtenstein material on offer awaits you with an impressive range, equally outstanding in terms of quality, also documented in a special catalogue in accordance with tradition. From the federal and cantonal stamps through the early issues of Switzerland up to modern philatelic material, there are minor and major rarities. Among these is another Rayon II with a complete framed cross, one of the most beautiful examples of this rarity, this time as a single stamp (Lot 120), with a starting price of CHF 50,000. Special mention should also be made of an incomparable collection of “soldiers’ stamps” which – put together over several decades – provides a great opportunity to acquire the basis of a new collection, or to purchase rare items rarely seen on the market, the majority in excellent condition.
Australia and Australian States – the ‘BESANÇON‘ collection (Part 1)
The “BESANÇON - Australia & Australian States” collection (Part 1) which, put together over the last 40 years in secret, documenting in an inimitable way the philately and postal history of Australia from 1850 to 1960, is particularly important. There is no doubt that this is one of the most important and complete collections of this collecting area that have ever been formed. With the highest standards of rarity and quality, you will find many magnificent covers and single stamps, spectacular multiples, rare essays and much more in this collection. One can only be astonished at the sight of what is being offered, and there has already been much talk of this in collectors’ and dealers’ circles! The auction will be held on Thursday 23 November 2017.
Single lots, specialised collections and many more worldwide highlights
In addition, the main catalogue offers a variety of other impressive single lots and collections in philatelic collecting areas of the whole world. The postal history of South America is strongly represented, as are Thailand, France and Egypt. Also to be highlighted is an impressive section of French Guiana pioneer air mail and many lots of Greek ‘Hermes heads’. Enormously diverse is a special collection “Lake Constance ship mail”, which documents in an extremely multi-faceted and comprehensive way this very interesting “chapter” in postal history. A wide range of attractive collections and bulk lots, interesting covers and deceased estates rounds off the program.