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Pressrelease June-Sale 2017

The demand for high value philatelic material grows and grows and grows – the Corinphila auction in Zurich again brings record results!

From 7 to 10 June 2017 there was another first-class Corinphila auction series in Zurich with our auctions 213 to 217. The highly diverse range of high-quality covers, stamps and collections presented in five high-quality auction catalogues even exceeded all expectations and brought record results which continue to amaze. The noticeable increased demand for high-quality philatelic material that has existed for quite some time across all collecting areas continued at the Corinphila auction series in Zurich. The large-scale participation, especially online, left nothing to be desired and one ‘bidding battle’ followed another - sometimes resulting in incredible prices realised.

A philatelic jewel: the “Renan cover” sells for CHF 384,000

With a total sale price of CHF 384,000, the top item of the auction was the famous ‘Renan cover’ (Lot 3001). The 1851 cover, franked with two ‘Basle Doves’ and a 10 rappen Rayon II postage stamp, is one of the greatest rarities of Swiss philately, and one of the very rare items whose provenance can be traced back to the 19th century. One can only congratulate the new owner of this showpiece.

The Jack Luder collection

The sale of the first part of the Jack Luder collection of Classic Switzerland was awaited with much excitement. The collection, also documented since last year in an exclusive EDITION SPÉCIALE publication, is notable for the extremely high quality of all the items - quality of a kind that many collectors previously didn't know existed! The interest shown by collectors was correspondingly high and many lots sold for sensational prices. A “Zurich 4” cover was knocked down for CHF 30,000 (Lot 7003 - starting price: CHF 20,000), a beautifully postmarked Double Geneva made CHF 32,000 (Lot 7024 - starting price: CHF 20,000), Another Double Geneva on cover sold for CHF 48,000 (Lot 7025 - starting price: CHF 40,000). to mention just a few examples. The ‘title piece’ of the auction, a mixed franking of Rayon and Strubel issues sent to Paris (Lot 7184), went from CHF 25,000 to CHF 34,000. There was also keen bidding for a cover with a 5 rappen dark blue Rayon I and a pair of 10 rappen yellow Rayon II federal stamps to France (Lot 7099) which from a starting price of CHF 2,000 was knocked down for a fabulous CHF 19,000!

Switzerland with high demand from classical to modern

The 216th auction was notable for its very extensive range of Switzerland from classical to modern and many spectacular realisations. A ‘three-quartered’ 20 rappen stamp of the Strubel issue, used for 15 rappen postage on a letter, increased from CHF 15,000 to CHF 23,000 (Lot 3099). An unused ‘Zurich 4’ sold, after some remarkable bidding, for the impressive price of CHF 32,000 (Lot 3122 - starting price: 12,000). Overall the demand was extremely strong; even modern, post-1950 issues were almost all sold at a realistic price level.

Specialised collections, Europe and ‘All World’ make highest prices

The 214th auction offered a specialised collection of international mail sent to and from Greece, with the famous Hermes Heads. In particular there was much competition for a mixed franking with Indian stamps to Greece, which made the high price of CHF 27,600 (Lot 5129). A collection of Norwegian ship mail came up for sale in the 215th auction. This had already caused a sensation among Scandinavian specialists at the international stamp exhibition in Tampere, and so they travelled to Zurich, making this a spectacular auction. Many lots sold for five, eight and even ten times the starting price. The top item, a cover with four copies of the first issue of Norway and the ‘Dampskibet Bergen’ sent from Norway to Hamburg increased from CHF 7,500 to CHF 32,000 (Lot 6029).

The ‘All world stamps and postal history’ in the 213th auction brought an excellent response and high prices. A specialised collection of pioneering airmail of French Guiana 1920-1922 was completely sold at high prices. Also Egyptian postal history, for many years a speciality of Corinphila, was again in the spotlight. There was a small selection of interesting items on the subject of Thomas Fletcher Waghorn, the pioneer of the overland mail to Asia. The ‘Thomas Waghorn Letter Book’ with manuscript copies of letters sent by Waghorn in February 1838 (Lot 738) increased from a starting price of CHF 300 to a sensational CHF 10,500! The collecting area of Romania resulted in almost unbelievable realisations: a tenfold franking of the 2 parale yellow of the Cuza issue of 1865 increased from CHF 5,000.-to CHF 32,000 (Lot 1402). A printed item with a single franking of the 2 parale of 1866 went from CHF 4,000 to CHF 25,000 (Lot 1409). A bisect of the same 2 parale with two more complete copies used for 5 parale postage on a letter started at CHF 20,000 and made CHF 80,000 (Lot 1411). A 5 parale single franking of the same issue with a starting price of CHF 15,000 eventually sold for CHF 40,000 (Lot 1414).

The full list of prices realised is available online at Here collectors also have the opportunity for a limited period to purchase unsold lots in the “after sale”. The next Corinphila auction series will be held from 22 to 25 June 2017 in Zurich (closing date for consignments 31 August 2017).

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