Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

Sammlung Ing. Pietro Provera (Teil V)
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  • Losnr. : 3209 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    French Indochina 1878 (May 11): Envelope from the French Army in Hue Annam to Paris bearing General Issues Cérès 25 c. blue type I, in fresh colour and with good to large margins, tied by octagonal "CORR. D. ARMÉES HUE 11 MAI 78" datestamp in blue, a splendid illustration strike aside. Reverse with "SAIGON COCHINCHINE 28 MAI 18" transit, Marseille - Lille ambulant and PARIS arrival cds's, all in black.rnNote: Very interesting and early item from the years between the annexation of Cochinchine and Tonkin and the complete loss of sovereignity in 1884. Despatched in Hue, the seat of the Annamese Emperor, presumably by Paul-Louis-Félix Philastre (1837-1902), a French colonial administrator and diplomat. Philastre arrived in Cochinchina for the first time in 1861. In 1873, he played an important role in mediating between the French colonial authorities in Annam and the royal court in Huế. In 1874, Philastre negotiated the Second Treaty of Saigon with the Annamese court.
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    Losnr. : 3210 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    Guadeloupe 1874 (Aug 5): Double rate cover from Basse Terre to Le Havre, endorsed "Par vapeur français", bearing General Issues Napoléon laureated 30 c. brown in a horizontal pair and Cérès 40 c. orange, fine adhesives with good to large margins and fresh colour, tied by clear mute lozenge with framed PD in red and "PAQ. FR. BASSE-TERRE GUADEe" cds alongside. An appealing cover paying the 100 c. double Shipmail ratewith a French vessel.
    Ausruf : 150,00 CHF
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    Losnr. : 3211 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

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    Réunion 1866 (May 5): Cover from St. Denis to Bordeaux, bearing General Issues Eagle 10 c. bistre (shaved at right) and horizontal strip of three 20 c. blue, fine and fresh adhesives with overall good to huge margins and fresh colour, tied by mute lozenge in blue with "RÉUNION St DENIS" despatch cds in blue, framed PD and French "COL. FR. / V. SUEZ AMB. E" entry (June 3) cds, these in red alongside. Reverse with Cette - Bordeaux  ambulant and indistinct BORDEAUX arrival cds. Horizontal file fold, name in address redrawn, nevertheless a most attractive franking, cert. E. Diena (1977). 
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    Zuschlag : 160,00 CHF

    Losnr. : 3212 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    Saint Pierre et Miquelon 1866 (May 17): Entire letter from St. Pierre to St. Malo, bearing General Issues Eagle 80 c. rose, a fine and fresh example with good to large margins and fresh colour, tied by fair 'SPM' lozenge with "St PIERRE ET MIQUELON / St PIERRE" despatch cds, framed PD anf French "COL. FR. ANGL. / AMB. CALAIS 17 JUIN 66" entry cds, all in black alongside. Horizontal file fold well away from the franking, nevertheless an interesting item. Yvert = € 800.
    Ausruf : 150,00 CHF
    Zuschlag : 240,00 CHF
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