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308th Corinphila Auction on 6 October 2023

Classic Switzerland – The 'ZÜRIBERG' Collection

Specialised Auction on 6th October 2023 at 16:00 h.
We will be offering the specialised Classic Switzerland – The 'ZÜRIBERG' Collection in its entirety and the auction lots are now available online via our website.

Invitation to the aperitif following the auction

At the conclusion of the auction on 6th October 2023, we look forward to ending the evening enjoying an aperitif together.

We have improved our online catalogue and live bidding!

Basically, nothing has changed in the process. The online catalogues now open in a new window. You log in there using your email address and password.
Previously, when using our old website, you would log in on the "left" side in the menu tree. Now you can do this at the top right of the online catalogue. New customers will also find a link to create a customer account there. Alternatively, you can also select the respective button on this page.
Once logged in, you can apply for a credit limit and place bids in advance via the website, or bid live on the auction day. The link to live bidding will appear here on Friday 6 October 2023.
Corinphila now uses the same platform as the Heinrich Köhler auction house. So if you have already gained experience there, you will feel right at home.


Auction Preview November/December 2023

New date: Our next international auction will be held 24 November to 2 December 2023

Highlights Great Britain and British Commonwealth

  • Great Britain 1840–1841 – The World's First Postage Stamps – The Simon Beresford-Wylie Collection (part I)
  • British Stamp Perforation – The Ray Simpson Collection
  • British Commonwealth – British North-, Central- & East Africa, St.Helena, Ascension, Seychelles, Bushire – The ‘BESANÇON’ Collection
  • Australian States & Commonwealth of Australia – The ‘DUBOIS’ Collection (part III)
  • Australian States “Unused” – The Peter Campbell Collection (part II)
Highlights Overseas
  • Togo Postal History – Collection John Mayne
  • Egypt 1866–1975 & Alexandria Postal History – The Constantin Kelemenis & Ronny van Pellecom Collections
  • Haiti – “Liberty Head” Issue 1881–1887 – The Brian Moorhouse Collection
  • South & Central America – The Brian Moorhouse Estate
  • Astro-Philately -  Rocket Mail - The Beatrice Bachmann Estate
Highlights Europe
  • Europe's “Number 1” on cover – The ‘PENELOPE’ Collection
  • All World Postal History 1840–1940 – The Enzo Carnio Collection
  • Spain 1850 – 6 cuartos black – Specialised Collection (part I)
  • Incoming Mail to Spain 1850–1880 – The Luis Alemany Indarte Collection
  • Hungarian Post Offices in Romania – The Dr. Geza Homonnay Collection (part II)
  • Greenland 1721–1938 – The ‘Polar Light’ Collection (part II)
  • Finland Revenue Issue 1881 and 1891 – The Jussi Tuori Collection
Highlights Switzerland
  • Switzerland – The Foundation of the Federal Post 1849–1854 – The Richard Schaefer Sr. Collection (part I)
  • Switzerland – Ziffermuster 1882–1889 – The Dr. James Johnstone Collection (part II)
  • Switzerland – Red Cross – The Richard Schaefer Jr. Collection

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A Partnership of Trust for Exceptional Results

The passion and fascination of collecting is something
that closely combines philately and numismatics.
CORINPHILA and SINCONA represent discretion,
expertise and quality in support of this collecting.

If you would like to sell your numismatic treasures
as well as your stamps, then we have the right partner for you.
At Corinphila we know that your submission
will be in the best company.


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