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244-249 Corinphila Auctions December 2019

Corinphila Centenary - Special Flight


244-249 Corinphila Auctions December 2019

Dear customers and friends of Corinphila

The auction will start Tuesday December 3 through to Saturday December 7, 2019

A wide range of classic material awaits you in five catalogues: Starting with the first part of the ERIVAN Collections Classic Switzerland (248) and Zeppelin Mail (246), going on with the second part of the Brian Moorhouse Estate of Latin America (245), over to the second part of the Besançon Collection (247) of  Pre-Union South Africa including Mafeking Siège Stamps, Vryburg, Griqualand, Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal.

In the Swiss Catalogue (249) we offer the fifth part of the Jack Luder Collection of Swiss Cantonal and Federal stamps, each item in the collection being of excellent quality.

Also the 'philately from around the world' material in our Europe & Worldwide catalogue (244) is of excellent quality including a special collection of Europe Transit Mail to 1800, a fine part of Austria and Austrian Levant, special collection of Papal States and the German part includes a special collection of Heligoland. Further a fine range of Great Britain and Colonies with Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iraq, Long Island, Papua and Papua New Guinea.

If you would like to bid online, please request a credit limit IN GOOD TIME, at the latest 24 hours before the start of the respective session, under the menu item: Online Live Bidding and apply for a desired credit limit for the total amount of your intended purchases. During the auction days, the auction can also be tracked without registering LIVE (without bidding).

We kindly ask you to view as early as possible. We arrange the possibility from Monday, Nov. 4, 2019 onwards to view the large size lots during our office hours. Please contact us either by phone, fax or mail in advance. 

Important: Pre-viewing only possible upon prior appointment, thank you.
Viewing and Auction in our premises at Wiesenstrasse 8 in Zurich.

 Corinphila Centenary - Nov. 1, 2019


Historic Views and Engravings of Switzerland

Muri, Ct. Aargau/Argovia

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The passion and fascination of collecting is something
that closely combines philately and numismatics.
CORINPHILA and SINCONA represent discretion,
expertise and quality in support of this collecting.

If you would like to sell your numismatic treasures
as well as your stamps, then we have the right partner for you.
At Corinphila we know that your submission
will be in the best company.


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