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CORINPHILA AUCTIONS 297 - 308, 2-9 June 2023

Our next scheduled auction will already start Friday and Saturday June 2/3 with Switzerland and will be continued with Europe and Overseas from Monday June 5th through to Friday, June 9th 2022. Please see Auction Schedule here: 



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A wide range of classic material awaits you in nine special catalogues and in our 'Europe & Overseas' catalogue. Already more than 25.000 pictures, especially of the collections, are online! More images are being added constantly.

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In order to ensure that you will not miss any lot please register for online live bidding as soon as possible!

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New Book Publications

Four new book publications of the EDITION D'OR series published at Monacophil 2022.

Find new issues in our web shop!

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A Partnership of Trust for Exceptional Results

The passion and fascination of collecting is something
that closely combines philately and numismatics.
CORINPHILA and SINCONA represent discretion,
expertise and quality in support of this collecting.

If you would like to sell your numismatic treasures
as well as your stamps, then we have the right partner for you.
At Corinphila we know that your submission
will be in the best company.


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Corinphila Auktionen Corinphila Switzerland
Switzerland’s Oldest Stamp Auction House. 
Founded in 1919

28 November - 3 December 2022
5-10 June 2023

5 September 2022
March 2023

Corinphila Veilingen Corinphila Netherlands
Fine Stamp Auctions since 1974

15-17 September 2022
March 2023

30 June 2022
30 December 2022
Heinrich Köhler Heinrich Koehler, Germany
Germany’s Oldest Stamp Auction House.
Founded in 1913

19-24 September 2022
March 2023

15 July 2022
15 January 2023

H.R. Harmer, USA
Founded in 1940
13-15 December 2022
June 2023

21 October 2022
April 2023

John Bull John Bull, Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s Oldest Philatelic Auction House. 
Founded in 1975

December 2022
June 2023

30 September 2022
April 2023