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EDITION SPÉCIALE: Germany unused from 1849 – Austria unused from 1850 – The collection of "American" Bruce Wright

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Bruce Wright, born in 1948, was born in sunny California and also completed his school career there. He started collecting stamps at the age of 10. Like anyone else who starts this hobby at a young age, Bruce was a generalist at the beginning, keeping everything that was a stamp.

Only over time did he begin to specialise, until finally he concentrated on the stamps of Germany and Austria. He was particularly fond of these areas. He studied German at school and had therefore been interested in German and Austrian history for quite a long time. His preference for classical music quickly led him to composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. The development of the German Empire from the many old German states and the changes in the Empire of Austria attracted his particular attention. In addition to his core areas of Germany and Austria, Bruce has collections of UN, San Marino and British omnibus issues.

After his school career, Bruce obtained degrees at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). After that, the serious side of life began. He served as a US Air Force officer in the Vietnam War and had a career in oil and gas, telecommunications and semiconductor equipment. He retired at the end of 2016 after working as CFO in several high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. From then on, he was able to devote himself completely to his dream of assembling a complete collection of Germany from Old German States to Modern in unused condition.

Bruce was fascinated by these 'little works of art' from the beginning of his interest in stamps. He was particularly taken with the intaglio stamps. Stamps on stamps bother him in that he thinks the stamp distracts from the beauty of the stamp. And so Bruce has very few cancelled stamps in his collections. He only ever accepted cancelled stamps when it seemed impossible to find unused ones because they were too rare or simply did not exist. Yet a relatively large number of the used stamps in his collection are very valuable key pieces in his collections.

For some years now Bruce has been publishing short and very interesting articles about stamps from his collections and the stories around them.
In addition to stamps, Bruce collects autographs of great personalities from various eras and seminal books on history. He is also a nationally recognised online strategy gamer.

In autumn 2023, the collection of the "American", as Bruce is known in German and Austrian collecting circles, will be honoured with an EDITION SPÉCIALE.

size 25,5 x 34 cm, 216 pages, numerous color illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket, bilingual German/English, collection pages in German only.

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