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Lot# 231 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 231 Great Britain

    British Forces in Gallipoli, Egytian Western Desert, Jordan & Palestine 1914/19: Correspondence (96 covers / cards) mostly Honour envelopes or Fiueld Service usages, from a Sergeant Basil H.A. Eames of the Dorset Yeomanry, with covers and some contents, incl. photographs from 1912 when a Territorial, cover from Troopship 'Karoa' mailed from Gibraltar and a card from Malta, five cover when Eames was a guard at Maadi POW Camp with unusual framed "FREE" cachets and photo of the Camp, thence to Mudros with cards "APO / SZ 6", Gallipoli with Field Service cards "FPO / D.Y." and "APO / SZ 4" datestamps, Xmas 1915 in Australian Hospital, Mena House, Cairo; thence to the Western Desert with cover showing exceedingly rare "Z AND W TPO / A" datestamp (Proud 250 pts.), covers from Sidi Bashr and Nile Valley with "APO / SZ 17" cds's, Sept 1916 cover with exceedingly rare "ARMY POST OFFICE / SAM" (travelling APO route Samalut-Assiout) unlisted by Proud; covers from "APO / SZ 16" near Suez, Nov 1916 cover with "FPO / 161" cds (Geneffe, Sinai), March 1917 cover with "FPO / 6Y" at El Arish and April cover from Deir El Balah, May 1917 with "6Y" at Abassan el Kebir, June 1917 near El Shauth, Palestine, July 1917 near Marakeb, Aug 1917 with "APO / SZ22" at Port Said for R&R, "FPO / 6Y"  used in Aug 1917 from Tel El Fara, Sept-Oct usages from Marakeb and Shellal, Nov 1917 usage from Jerusalem, Feb 1918 from Gaza, 5 May 1918 envelopes cancelled "FPO / 6Y" in the Jordan Valley near Jericho, Field Post card with same "6.Y." datestamp (June 10) "the squadron has been in the thick of it...we were ambushed and fired on from 10-15 yards range...some wounded, others killed...the enemy were German infantry and the prisoners informed us that they had just arrived from the Russian front"; and June 27 Honour envelope with same "6.Y." cds, two real photo's sent back, then to Gaza (ARMY POST OFFICE / SZ 27), and further covers from Damascus, El Aluzia (F.P.O. / C10) and Alexandria and cover from a comrade now a POW near Damascus sent to Eames. The whole with photographs, copies, pictures, postcards, and a remarkable range of covers of historical interest - the letters recounted believed now to be in a museum: copies are with the University of Leeds [ARCHIVE FILE: LIDDLE/WW1/EP/016].
    Starting bid : 750 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold