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Worldwide Rarities - The ERIVAN Collection - 2nd Auction
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    1845/2000: Diverse group of 50 covers worldwide from classics to modern incl. New Brunswick, Canada, old German States prephilately, Belgium, France, French Colonies with Airmail, Norway, Russia, Cape of Good Hope stampless covers, Chinese-Russian combination franking, four covers signed by Marc Chagall, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Liechtenstein, France, Papal States & Finland; some Airmail and four Space Mail covers incl. two covers to the 'Mir'. Lot includes also 40 primarily used stamps incl USA Postmaster New York, 1851 definitive issue 1 c. blue, old German States and Reich, French Napolèon proofs. An interesting Potpurri sold tel quel.
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    Lot# : 7174 Collections/lots worldwide

    1920/2006: Airmail postal history collection, with over fifty items, many scarce, representing a number of aspects of the evolution of flight, noting Imperial Airways first flights including 1933 Cairo to Sharjah and and Port Said to Egypt, India Rocket Mail with 1934 with "First Rocket Despatch" and 1935 Silver Jubilee "Rocketgram" with corresponding label, a trio of attractive Lichtenstein 1930s glider flights, several 1920s domestic German flights, 1930s catapult flights with German, Danish and United States frankings, three Swiss 1930/1 Round the World Flight cards, scarcer United States flights including 1924 Air Force Around the World Flight, 1931 Hungarian-American Ocean Flight, the ill-fated 1931 New York to Paris flight signed by W.S. MacLaren, 1931 Tokyo to Seattle delayed flight cover signed by pilots Allen and Moyle, scarce pair of 1926 Madrid to Manila flights, and many more, chiefly fresh and fine throughout, a lovely collection.rnCover and original letter from the Cosmonaut`s daughter postmarked on board the Russian Segment of the International Space Station, with Rodin certificate,
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