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Catalogue 327: Worldwide Postal History - The Enzo Carnio Collection (part I)
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  • Lot# : 5208 Hungary

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    Catalogue# : 1a
    1871: Lithographed 2 kr. orange, a fine example used on 1872 Printed Circular entire tied by oval framed "GYÖR / RAAB" datestamp (Jan 11) in black. Readdressed upon arrival with four further datestamps on reverse Mi = € 420.
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    Lot# : 5209 Hungary

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    Lot# : 5210 Hungary

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    Lot# : 5211 Hungary

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    Catalogue# : 5+9+10+11+12
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    1871: Lithographed 15 kr. brown (Type A) used in combination with 1871 Engraved 3 kr. green (two examples), 5 kr. red, 10 kr. blue (three examples) and 15 kr. brown on the famous 1872 registered cover at double weight to Paris, France tied by "PEST / TERÉVÁROS" circular datestamps (Jan 13) in black. "AJANLOTT / SZ" handstamp and "PD" and "Chargé" applied in black on obverse with Avricourt entry marking in blue. Reverse with Vienna transit and four red wax seals. Sensibly opened for Exhibit display, a truly spectacular five colour mixed issue franking of great importance to classic Hungarian philately. Unique. Cert. I. Glatz (2023).
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