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  • Lot# : 1492 Belgium

    Belgium / France Rocket Mail 1935/60: Assembly of 35 covers of various Rocket Flights with Belgian frankings, starting with Zucker's Channel Rocket 'KI' from Ostende (1935), Adam de Bruijn experimental flights Blankenberg and Bouvigne(1945), US Boy Scout FDC 1960 (Feb, 8), further Carl Robertis Duinenberg (Seagull) and 'Belgica' flights (1935), De Schelde 'R.V.3', Nightflight Jupiter 'P.26' 1935 (4. Sept.), Albertine 'R.V. 8', two cards of Barbara 'P.31' (as such unrecorded) as well as nine envelopes of diff. Carl Roberti Experimental flights with French frankings. Viewing recommended Hopferwieser = Euro 2'000.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 650 CHF

    Lot# : 1502 Belgium

    1 / 2
    Catalogue# : 2
    1 / 1
    1849: 20 Centimes with large margins on incomplete letter sheet with cancel "140" and red cancel "BRASSCHAET 11 JANV. 1851", "après le départ" and "B" in cercle from Stabroeck (rare!), addressed to Bruxelles, certificate Kaiser (1999).rnCorinphila 118th auction October 1999, lot 5948
    Starting bid : 150 CHF
    Hammer price : 3,000 CHF

    Lot# : 1503 Belgium

    1 / 1
    Catalogue# : 1+2
    1849/63: Small group with 1849 10 c. brown in pairs (3), two horizontal pairs, one with huge margins, and a vertical pair on piece; 1849 20 c. bue in a horizontal pair; 1858/63 20 c. blue and 40 c. marginal examples used etc. A generally fine group.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 300 CHF

    Lot# : 1504 Belgium

    1885: Wrapper band with printed "Service" at top, a local stampless usage within Marchienne-Au-Pont (July 21) and struck with unframed "T" marking in black ,forwarded on to Haumont, France where taxed on arrival at triple rate of 1 franc with Duval Postage Due 1881 40 c. and 60 c. black (Maury T19+T21) tied by Haumont cds's (July 22), refused and RETOUR / A L'ENVOYEUR / 1768 applied in red. Most unusual and attractive.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1505 Belgium

    1915 (May 28): Registered picture postcard from Le Havre to Yverdon, Switzerland bearing five definitive Belgian adhesives, tied by "LE HAVRE (SPECIAL) SEINE INFre" cds, YVERDON arrival cds (June 1) alongside. Mail from the Belgian exile government in France.
    Starting bid : 100 CHF
    Hammer price : 120 CHF

    Lot# : 1506 Belgium

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    Catalogue# : 1, 2, 3,
    1849/1854, Selection of first issue used stamps and two early covers, comprising three examples of the 1849, 10 c. grey brown, over 30 later imperf. 10 c. including nine pairs, four used examples of the 1849, 20 c. blue and thrity later 20 c. imperfs., covers comprise an 1849 wrapper franked with Michel no. 2 and a 1858 example franked with 20 c. blue, additionally twenty 1858/1863 issues used, mixed lot, although a couple fine, a decent assembly.
    Starting bid : 240 CHF
    Hammer price : 240 CHF

    Lot# : 1507 Belgium

    1849-1990ca. Collection in 3 stockbooks, beginning with the first issue, used stamps have clean cancellations, there is a part of modern material unmounted og and a little collection of Luxembourg included. Owners catalog value. Michel about € 5000.
    Starting bid : 150 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1508 Belgium

    1849/2013: Collection, from the first issue on, quite well doted, and for most periods collected  in parallel, unused and used, once a set is missing in used, once another set lacks in unused. Many good values already contained, e.g. a good example of the 5 Francs brown  from 1878 used with a clean roulette cancel, a nice used 2 Francs 'Helmet' 1919.  There are many good semipostals sets in both conditions and also the most of the better issues after WW2 are in place. The unused material is often mounted, the more modern the more likely unmounted.  In 10 stockboocks, of which one contains duplication. Catalog value according to consignor (converted) = ca. CHF 15'000.
    Starting bid : 500 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1509 Belgium

    1851/2003: Collection in three volumes, the two first volumes contain used and unused mounted material, the unused material appears to be unmounted from 1948 on. The 50s are rather fragmentary, but from 1961 besides very few stamps complete. A few better railway and postal parcel stamps also contained unused only from the 60s on The third album is a preprinted 'Lighthouse' hingeless album with only unmounted stamps.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 220 CHF

    Lot# : 1510 Belgium

    1915-29: Good group unmounted stamps in blocks and as single stamps. Several complete sets of semipostals are present several times, mini-sheets thereof not counted as such, because they have folded perforation, definitives not complete, but good values in place, not counted are a few mounted stamps. Mi ca. € 4000.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 260 CHF
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