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  • Lot# : 594 Gabun

    Gabon Incoming Mail 1867: 30 c. brown (2) and 80 c. carmine used on 1872 mourning envelope from Avranches (Feb 15) to a Lieutenant on board the Frigate "Bellone" in the Gabon. Reverse with "Côte D'Or et Gabon" arrival cds (May 18) in black. The ship had sailed and the cover was duly returned to sender in Avranches (June 26) viua Calais and Lorient. The adhesives overlapping the edge of the cover but intact, a most unusual usage.rnProvenance: Collection B.C. Berkinshaw-Smith, Corinphila sale 145, April 2006, lot 3609.
    Starting bid : 200.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 200.00 CHF

    Lot# : 595 Gabun

    French Gabon & Congo 1846/1922: The Exhibit collection beautifully written up on leaves (505+ items) and loose with extremely early 1846 unpaid entire letter from ship "Papillon" at Loango (then a Kingdom) to France, 1863 cover franked 1862 France 20 c. and 80 c. to Port Gabon with contents, 1863 cover from Gabon to Brest with '6' handstamp in blue, 1863 cover from Gabon via "Lagos" unpaid via London to France, 1863 cover from Libreville to USA with depreciated currency '30 / 46 US Notes' arrival (cert. Behr 2009), 1868 cover and long contents from Libreville to Toulon, 1870 Eagle three colour franking cover, 1877 cover from USA with 30 c. orange to Gabon River and 1885 cover from USS Lancaster from Libreville to USA, 1885 cover mailed for the 'De Brazza' expedition, 1889 covers (2) during stamp shortage with 25 c. on 20 c. black Postage Due registered usage bearing a pair and a single usage, 1890 cover from Cap Lopez franked by Germany 20 pf. blue, 1891 Bavaria 10 pf. card used to and from Mayumba, 1892 registered cover with first issue usage, 1893 Spain cover to San Thomé, 1894/95 covers from Bata, Cap Lopez, Lambarene, Librevillea and Loango; 1894 taxed cover with Postage Due optd. 10 c. on 1 fr. lilac strip of five, Lagos 1 d. card used to Botika (River Mouni), Woermann Line cover from Las Palmas to Lake Cayo, "Mission Marchand" cover from Aribas near Semio, March 1898 hand-written letter from Capt. Marchand written at Fort Desaix in Soudan (this Mission led to the "Fashoda Incident"), 1897 hand-written "AR" form from Massabe and a 'matching' pink printed example, 1898/ covers from Cap Lopez, Fernan Vaz, Loudima, Mayumba, Talagouga, 1899 rare cover with 254 c. tied by three line dated "Talagouga" provisional datestamp, 1900 card from Berlin to Gabon taxed on arrival, 1900 cover with Paquebot datestamp with "Loanago" error, 1901 Military cover freom Ouesso, 1903 missionary card from Enit, cards (2) to Batah, Rio Muni; 1903/11 covers/cards from Bangui, Coco Beach, Donghila, Madingou, Mongoumba, N'Djole, N'Gomo-Ogooue, Nola, Nyanga, Ouesso, Rafai, Sindara, 1906 Telegram envelope franked 15 c. to Algeria, 1908 Bavaria reg'd cover at 40 pf. to Talagouga, 1911 Postal Fraud cover from Fernan Vaz, 1911 Belgian Congo card from Lisala to Brazzaville, 1912 Official mail from Carnot, Ouesso and Sofflay, 1911/13 Kamerun Border Survey covers (2) and Kamerun card used from Ekododo, 1914/18 Military covers from Massendjo, M'Bigou, Mitzig, Semio, Sibiti, 1916 incoming card from Petrograd, Russia; later period with Airmails, Postage Due usages, River Mail incl. 1927 "Courrier Naufrage / Sur Le Congo" cachet on cover, variety of usages incl. 'Valeurs Recouvrées' covers, destinations from Costa Rica to Sweden, Money Orders, 1935 cover from Dr. Schweitzer's hospital at Lambarene, and a study of Second World War rates and routes and a collection of circa 100 postcards, together with a group of covers yet to be mounted on pages etc. A splendid collection in generally superb condition throughout and a brilliant opportunity for the connoisseur of Postal History.
    Starting bid : 15,000.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 15,000.00 CHF
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