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  • Lot# : 303 Faroe Islands

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    Catalogue# : Dk 253, 256, 273
    Faroe Islands 1946: 30ö orange in block of four and two further values on registered envelope from THORSHAVN (Reg No 811) to St. Lucia. The stamps are cancelled THORSHAVN 30.4.46. The letter bears two transit marks, one NEW YORK 5 18 and another CASTRIES REGISTERED, dated 14 JU 46. A US Army Postal Services APO 807 arrival mark completes the documentation of the journey. Due to the content the franking has suffered slightly on the edge, which, given the immense rarity of this letter, should not matter significantly. A jewel in the crown of any Faroer Is collection.
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    Lot# : 304 Faroe Islands

    1919/1949: Impressive collection Faroe Islands with strength in the provisional issues and village star cancels, built over a long period with many items individually purchased at auction. The collection commences with five bisected stamp provisionals all dated 1919: 4. January, 5. January, 6. January and 15. January 1919. These with stamps cancelled THORSHAVN. The fifth, is cancelled VESTMANHAVN with an arrival mark on the front dated 8. Jan 1919. This section is further augmented by a fragment with both bisect and 5ö stamp, also dated 15. January. The parallel issue of wrapper cut outs is also represented with two entire letters, one dated 11. January the other 14. January 1919. The regular provisional issue comprises five overprinted 1919 provisionals on complete covers, dated between 18. and 22. January 1919. A further fragment and a single stamp augment this section, which is accompanied by nine certificates from numerous competent experts including Dr. Debo BPP, Möller, Grönlund, Kaiser, Witschi and Copenhagen Philatelic Society . The 1940/41 provisional series is included unused with full og, as well as twenty-three complete covers covering all values, with many commercial items, including a letter from SANDEVAAG to the district attorney in THORSHAVN, a second commercial letter with the same cachets is also included. A further fifteen pieces and two single stamps round off this section. Highlights include copies with Starcancels: SAND, VIDEREJD, SUMBÖ and SELLETRAE.rnA futher section is dedicated to star cancels, constisting of sixteen entire letters as well as twenty-six pieces and some lose stamps. Cancels covered are: ANDEFJORD, FUGLEFJORD (both types), GJOV, GÖTEGJOV, HALDERSVIG, KIRKE (FUGLÖ), KOLLEFJORD, KVALBO, KVALVIG, KVIVIG, MIDVAAG, MYGGENAES, NOLSÖ (here with very noteworthy insured letter!), NORDDEBLE, SAND, SANDEVAAG, SALTANGTERAA, SELLETRAE, SKAALE, SKUÖ, STRAENDER, SUMBÖ, SVINÖ, VESTMANHAVN and VIDEREDJE. This section of the collection is accompanied by further certificates. There are some further letters including a 1940 censor cover to London and some incoming items. This lot represents a very scarce oportunity to acquire numerous important items of this popular collecting area. The entire lot is shown on the net.rnrn rn 
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