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  • Lot# : 450 Hongkong

    Hongkong Treaty Ports 1849 (Feb 26): Envelope with full content, written from 'H.M.S. Arab, Whampoa' and dated '24th Feb 1849', addressed to Clonee, Ireland, carried on the paddle steamer 'S.S. Canton' from Whampoa to Hongkong with "HONG KONG" transit (Feb 26) transit cds on reverse and "SHIP LETTER / VICTORIA HONGKONG" two-line handstamp on front, rated '1/4' in manuscript with 4 d. private ship from Canton to Hongkong and 1 s. to the United Kingdom. Reverse with London transit (April 24) cds in red and CLONEE arrival (April 26) cds in blue. A fine and fresh cover, the earliest known date of the Victoria Ship Letter handstamp, Webb gives March 29, 1849 as the first date.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 650 CHF

    Lot# : 451 Hongkong

    1851 (July 23): Stampless envelope written from Hongkong to Old Rain, Scotland. forwarded to Aberdeen, endorsed "via Southampton" and rated '1 s.', struck on reverse with "HONG KONG" despatch cds, London transit (Sept 23) cds and framed "OLD RAIN" arrival datestamp (July 25) as well as Aberdeen arrival cds of the following day. The cover was franked with Great Britain 1 d. red-brown imperf. (Gi 8), tied by boxed '225' numeral of Old rain for the journey to Aberdeen. An unusual and appealing 1851 cover from Hongkong bearing a British adhesive. 
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 380 CHF

    Lot# : 452 Hongkong

    Hongkong Treaty Ports 1854 (Sept 26): Lettersheet written by 'Reverend W. A. Russell, Ningpo' and dated 'Sept 8th 1854', directed to Woodbridge, Suffolk and endorsed 'overland mail via Southampton', rated '6' (d.) for the British packet, reverse with "HONG KONG" transit (Sept 26) and London transit (Nov. 21) cds's. Obverse with WOODBRIDGE arrival (Nov. 24) cds in green. Filing folds do not destract from the rarity of this Treaty Port item, as Webb records only four letters from Ningpo between 1844 and 1870.
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 750 CHF

    Lot# : 453 Hongkong

    1858 (Oct 28): Envelope with full content, sent from Hongkong to Geneva, Switzerland, endorsed "per P&O Steamer / via Marseilles", reverse with "HONG-KONG" despatch cds, obverse with clear French "PAYS ETR. V. SUEZ 13 DEC. 58" entry cds in red, reverse with Marseille and Paris transit as well as GENEVE arrival (Dec 15) cds's. A fine cover to an unusual destination.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 340 CHF

    Lot# : 454 Hongkong

    2nd Opium War 1858: Envelope sent by "Daniel Mills Seaman / HMS Sampson China", countersigned by his "Commanding officer" and directed to Southend-on-Sea, Essex, received a 1 d. red perf. adhesive, presumably in London where tied by oval frameddiamond '50' numeral, reverse with London and ROCHFORD transit (April 4, 1858) cds's. Cover opened roughly at right thereby affecting the adhesive, nevertheless a rare and desirable Seaman's Fieldpost cover.rnNote: The HMS Sampson was a second class paddle frigatte launched in 1844, took part of the fighting during the Crimean War and during the 2nd Opium War. The cover was presumably despatched on 27. February 1858 at Amoy.
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 455 Hongkong

    1863/71: 2 c. brown, wmk. Crown CC, a used example on 1 January 1874 complete Printed Circular from Tientsin to Hong Kong, tied on arrival by "B62" obliterator in black. The Circular announces the take over of the late Oscar Stammann's business by E. Meyer & Co. and is endorsed "1 Jan 1874 - Circular" on reverse in manuscript. Slight creasing but an extraordinarily early entire for stamped mail from Tientsin which had no formal British Agency prior to 1882. The letter was probably transmitted through the offices of the British Consul (James Mongan at this date) to Hong Kong. Rare.
    Starting bid : 7,500 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 456 Hongkong

    1935/2011: Lot hundreds stamps and souvenir sheets used/unused, after 1997 in unmounted og. condition, also fiscal adhesives with Stamp Duty $2, $3 & $10 used, 1897 $1 on $ 2 ovpt unused and postage due. Mi = € 6'000 following the consignor.
    Starting bid : 600 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 457 Hongkong

    1894/1910: Lot nine interesting Hongkong - related covers incl. 1894 Hongkong stationery postcard used from Stanmore UK via Hongkong to Shanghai, 1896 Volapük (artificial language such as esperanto) cover from Amoy to Germany, 1899 picture postcard to Germany with Hong Kong - German Empire combination franking, the adhesives tied by German marine Fieldpost cds, 1901 cover to Hamburg with a mixed franking of Hongkong 1880 5 c. blue, 1900 5 c. yellow and German P.O.'s in China 20 pf. blue, all in pairs, tied by VICTORIA  and German marine Fieldpost cds's, respectivrly, 1905 cover USA to Canton, the receiver deceased, Hongkong Dead Letter Office handstamp and returned, 1908/10 usages at the British P.O. in Shanghai, 1905 Paquebot handstamp on Hongkong picture postcard via Sarawak to South Australia, and 1903 OHMS cover to Paris.
    Starting bid : Bid
    Hammer price : 1,200 CHF
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