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  • Lot# : 337 Australia

    1914: Roo 1 d. red, Die IIA, a single example used on 1914 multicoloured 'Flags of the Allies' coloured envelope, mailed to London and tied by Sydney machine cancel in black. Some edge wear but a scarce and attractive usage.rn 
    Starting bid : 120 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 338 Australia

    Cocos (Keeling) Islands 1951: Stampless envelope addressed to Gordon Day on the RMS Orion at Sydney, struck with circular "Per RMS ORION" with manuscript date "12/8/51" inserted, and framed "TIN CAN MAIL / COCOS-KEELING IS" in violet. Reverse with "ERL PARKIN  /COCOS" (Leigh-Parkin) handstamp in violet. Slight water stain and envelope imperfection at top but rare. Sold together with a letter from Gordon Day, the addressee, who states "the Orion drifted close to shore leaving a barrel of mail, magazines, kippers and other supplies to the few Cable & Wireless staff there, and they came out in their tiny boat bringing their post in a tin can which was taken to the first Australian port of call for posting".
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 339 Australia

    1850/1940c: Selection hundreds unused/used stamps incl. Commonwealth of Australia unused Kangaroos 1913 wmk Wide Crown up to £1 brown & ultramarine, 1915 wmk Pointed Crown up to 5 s. grey & yellow, 1915 wmk Narrow Crown up to £ 2 black & rose, later issues with KGV definitives, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Postage Due, official stamps with 1913 £ 1 brown & ultramarine 'OS' perf. type O1, 1923 $ 1 grey perf. type O2, BCOF, New Guinea 1915/16 Kangaroo ovpt "N.W. PACIFIC ISLANDS" & 1939 Airmail set; also a fine used/unused group of adhesives from the Australian States incl. Victoria 1884/1900 Stamp duty $25, £50 & £ 100 used, and 1886/96 Stamp duty £5, £6, £7, £8 & £9 used. A remarkable group, 15 certs. Raybaudi, Sorani & Chiavarello Gi = £ 75'000 following the consignor.rn 
    Starting bid : 15,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 19,000 CHF

    Lot# : 340 Australia

    1970/2000: The very impressive dealer's stock with several thousand Australian Framas of different types, in mint conditon (mainly) used (a few) or on cover with first day cancellation, the stock contains plenty of varieties, colour shades, cash receipts, coil leaders and more, also a group of covers can be found, neatly arranged in total ten albums and served in a box.
    Starting bid : 500 CHF
    Hammer price : 600 CHF

    Lot# : 341 Australia

    1968/1970: The "ROSS SMITH ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA FLIGHT"  'A Postal History' numbered volume 29 and its supplement in good condition, just the outer sleeve of the main volume somewhat tired. Rare books about this iconic flight.
    Starting bid : Bid
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 342 Australia

    Great War 1916/1918: Australian Forces, 1916 cover from Romani area with "2 AUST LH BDE FIELD PO" cds (April 12) on OAS cover to Sydney, 1917 Honour envelope to Adelaide with "3rd LIGHT HORSE / AIF / FIELD POST OFFICE" cds (Aug 3), near Gaza; same cds on 1917 censored cover to Adelaide sent from Mazar near El-Arish; 1918 Honour envelope from Abu Tellul in Jordan Valley also from 3rd Light Horse; 1916 card with oval "AUST M.P.O. / No. 10" in green from near Romani, 1916 cover from near El Arish with FIELD POST OFFICE / LH2 cds (9 covers/cards + 4 pieces).
    Starting bid : 120 CHF
    Hammer price : 120 CHF

    Lot# : 343 Australia

    Gallipoli Campaign 1915/16: The collection with 1915 card with "A.I.F. / Passed by Censor No. / R. Waugh, Capt." in red and "FPO / T.10" from Australian Hospital on Lemnos, "ARMY POST OFFICE / SZ 5" skeleton cds covers to London and Perth, return to sender cover FPO / 29 with "Present Location / Uncertain" cachet, cover dated 4 Aug 1915 from FPO / 29 (day before landing), covers/ cards from FPO / N.L.3, "AUST & NZ ARMY CORPS / HEADQUARTERS / FIELD P.O." cover/cards (4) with one made from Army form, "1ST. AUST. DIV. FIELD P.O." cds on cards (4) and incoming cover from Melbourne, covers (2) with "APO / SZ 6" each from Mudros to Collingwood or Scotland and each with contents, 1915 covers (3) with "2 AUST LH BDE FIELD P.O." cds of Light Horse Brigade (Sept 17, Nov 9 and 16), card and cover with "3rd LIGHT HORSE / AIF / FPO" cds (July 25), card with "4th LH BDE / FIELD P.O." (Aug 1, in violet), "AUST. DIV. FIELD P.O." and BAPO / Z cds on cardboard (2), one from ration box from J.L. McKinlay M.M., "1st AUST. INF. BDE. FIELD P.O." on covers/cards (4) and "2nd AUST. INF. BDE. FIELD P.O." cds's on cards (7), "3rd AUST. FIELD BDE. FIELD P.O." on covers/cards (6), "4th AUST. INF. / BGDE / FIELD P.O." on covers/cards (3), and items from 5th., 6th., and 7th. Brigades, 1st. Divisional Train usages (2), Troops in Egypt usages incl. "B Details / On Active Service / Zeitoun" in violet; New Zealand FPO usages incl. one dated Aug 22 from Pte. Samuel Hardie "in firing line at last, health pretty good, be coming home soon" (unfortunately he died on 6 October), real photos taken by Trooper Lionel Grimstone at Mudros Camp, NZ Expeditionary Force cover with Australia sideface 1 d. red tied "Hobart / Tasmania" in red (Oct 22, 1914), cover from Malta with rare circular "ON ACTIVE SERVICE / MEDTN." in violet, 1915 Canadian Hospital on Lemnos with cover franked Canada 1 c. and 2 c. and three further cards; cover from Mudros ex 10th Irish Division with "FPO / 30" cds, card/covers (5) with "FPO / G.Z." cds, covers/cards from Imbros with "APO / S.Z.3" datestamps (5), Official cover from Maj. Gen. H.S. Horne to London, 1918 cover from Royal Naval Air Service at Island of Tenedos with Censor handstamp, cover with skeleton "APO / SZ 4" (Dec 9) to Scotland, HM NZ Hospital Ship Marama handstamp in red on Censored card to Auckland and another usage to London, Indian Hospital Ship "Glengorm Castle" cover with violet cachets, Hospital Ship "Navasa" card with cachet, Hospital Ship "Devanha" card with violet cachet and "APO / SZ2" cds, Hospital Ship "Asturias" with red Censor cachet, Hospital Ship "Letitia" with violet cachet and BAPO / Z cds, Hospital Ship "Salta" card with violet cachet, Hospital Ship "Goorkha" with violet cachet, "BAPO / Y" cds on GB 1 d. on card ex Hospital Ship "S.S. Aragon", 1914 NZ Expeditionary Force 1st sailing cachet in violet (Oct 22, 1914) when at Hobart, another three items mailed a week later mailed from Albany (Oct 28), mailings home from Ceylon (4), group of further NZ Troopship cards/covers, Naval items with "FPO / D.N.L." cover to Harrods, London; "FPO / N.L.1." ex Helles to UK, cover ex "Simla" on way to Gallipoli to Maj. Gen. Sandbach, card with GB ½ d. with "Posted by Wounded / The Clearing Hospital / Eastleigh" in red, redirected cover with "NO TRACE / AT / MUDROS E" and "NOT MUDROS W", Convalescent Hospitals in Egypt violet cachets from Heliopolis and Helouan (2 different) on covers, further covers from the Indian contingent with IEF frankings, Australian S.S. Warilda cover with AIF / PASSED CENSOR 69 in violet, card from S.S. Orvieto with Censor in violet, British Army covers/cards with APO's: SZ1, SZ2, SZ3, SZ4, SZ5, SZ6, SZ8; BAPO Y and Z, and FPO'S: 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 38, 39, 40, 86, 87, 88, 125, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163; D10, D11, D13, D29, D42, D52, D53, D54, D.Y. (incl. three franked Parcel Post labels), E.Y, H.Y., 1.L.L. (three examples, in use for one month only), 2.L.L., 4.L., M.H.3, N.L.I., S.E.Y., S.W.Y.2, T.10, Telegram form (26) on white or pink paper, during retreat with "Army Telegraphs H0 / YA" datestamp and oval "First Aust. Div. / DHQ / AIF" cachets at base, with album of French Military and Naval forces at Gallipoli with card handstamped "Hopital Chirurgical Flottamt / Du C.E.O." and "Tresor et Postes / 194" cds (Oct 15), French Hospital Ship "Duguay-Trouin" cover, card from Battleship "Charlemagne" at Port Said, concessionary card with Flags handstamped "Cuirasse HENRI IV" and "Tresor et Postes / 198" cds (April 25), cover with "Croisseur Cuirassé / Latouche-Tréville" and anchor cachet in violet, cards/covers from the "Gaulois" (2), "Jeanne D'Arc" and "Suffren", covers from the French Airforce based on Tenedos, French Army with Tresor et Postes numbers 194, 198, 409, 505; autographs of General Sir Ian Hamilton, Official cover handstamped "Kitchener" in violet, many of the covers with letters intact, together with Pte. Harold H. Hudson's shoulder, cap and collar badges of the 7th Battalion Australian Infantry and his medal ribbon (aged 16 he came ashore from the "Galeka" surviving the slaughter at Fisherman's Hut, later taking part in the charge at Krithia Spur and was invalided home in June 1915 - the rowing boat he landed in is housed in the Australian War Museum); the whole together with vast amounts of photographs or photographic copies, postcards, press-cuttings and the collector's notes and a great deal of relevant literature including the "Gallipolian" magazine volumes 1-50. A wonderful lot. Ex collection Keith Tranmer.
    Starting bid : 5,000 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 344 Australia

    Second World War 1944/45: Covers and complete contents (2) from S. Parker Bird (Australian Welfare Officer in London) addressed to Flight Lt. Robert Lachlan Condon, an Australian serving with 39th Squadron of the RAF, both covers addressed to Condon as a POW in Stalag Luft 3 (Sagan in Silesia, the POW Camp popularised in the film "The Great Escape"), with Nov 1944 cover Censored and returned with framed "This letter formed part of undelivered / Mails which fell into the hands of / the Allied Forces in Germany. It is / undeliverable as addressed and is / therefore returned to you" (July 1945); second cover to Stalag Luft 3 with framed "This letter has been returned by / The Swiss Post Office who were / unable to reforward it to Germany / because of interruption of / Communications" in violet. Together with outgoing POW cards (2) from Stalag Luft 3 to Parker Bird in London, one from another Australian pilot, Fl. Lt. R.F. Terry.
    Starting bid : 120 CHF
    Hammer price : 120 CHF
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