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Catalogue 281: France Part or Insufficiently Paid Incoming Mail – The Jack Blanc Collection
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  • Lot# : 7290 Switzerland

    Switzerland, ingoing to Syria 1875 (Oct 12): Cover from Zofingen to Aleppo, bearing 1868 25 rp. green, a fresh example with usual perf., tied by clear ZOFINGEN despatch cds with a perfect information strike and "P.D." handstamp alongside. Reverse with TORINO and BRINDISI cds's, Italian P.O. "ALESSANDRIA D'EGITTO" (Oct 21), French P.O.'s "ALEXANDRIE EGYPTE" (Oct 29), "BEYROUTH SYRIE" (Nov 2) and "ALEXANDRETTE SYRIE" (Nov 5) transit cds's. Upon arrival the PD handstamp was crossed out and the cover was taxed with '9' décimes. Attractive and interesting cover.rnNote: In October 1875, the GPU treaty was already in force in Switzerland and the majority of the European countries, while France did not join earlier than January 1st, 1876. The 25 rp. franking and the PD handstamp have therefore applied erroneously thinking that the GPU rate was also valid to the French P.O. in Alexandretta. However at that time point, the bilateral contracts where still in force with 90 centimes for an unpaid letter to a French P.O. in the Levant. The last part of the journey from the French office in Alexandretta to Aleppo was presumably done by courrier.
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 550 CHF

    Lot# : 7291 Switzerland

    Switzerland 1882 (Dec 2): Envelope from Geneva to Montsauche, sent completely unpaid, struck by clear Geneva 'Sackstempel' despatch cds and French T handstamp. Reverse with Bureau de Passe '2654' and Chambery - Macon ambulant cds's. Upon arrival a timbre taxe type carré 30 c. black and type Duval 20 c. black were added and tied by MONTSAUCHE cds. Some staining and  edge wear of the cover, nevertheless a late usage of the timbre taxe carré resulting in this most exceptional combination Maury TT 6+17.
    Starting bid : 1,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,000 CHF

    Lot# : 7292 Switzerland

    Switzerland 1885 (Feb 25): Etiquette of a business papers mailing from Morges to St. Claude, sent completely unpaid, struck by perfect MORGES despatch cds and French T handstamp, handwritten note '4p' for a fourth rate item. Upon arrival a timbre taxe type Duval 2 fr. black was added showing an indistinct St. Claude cancellation. Tax stamp with blunted perforation, nevertheless an exceptionally high franking Maury TT 23 = € 8'500.
    Starting bid : 750 CHF
    Hammer price : 850 CHF

    Lot# : 7293 Switzerland

    Switzerland 1874 (Nov 11): 'Tübli' stationery envelope 10 rp. from Rolle to Ferney Isère, ROLLE despatch cds, "AFFR. INSUF." handstamp and French entry cds in red alongside. The receiver was seeked in four villages with the name Ferney and the reverse shows the corresponding plethora of transit cds's. Taxed with 50 centimes minus the franking, a 'tampon double trait' of '40' centimes was struck to the front. Cover roughly opened at top, but skillfully repaired, an interesting item.
    Starting bid : 150 CHF
    Hammer price : 180 CHF

    Lot# : 7294 Switzerland

    Switzerland 1887 (Nov 25): Inland stationery postcard from Ste. Croix to Vierzon, struck by clear "STE CROIX" despatch and VIERZON arrival cds's as well as French T handstamp. Regarded by the French PO as not suited for the reduced postcard rate and therefore taxed like an unpaid letter minus the 5 rp. indicium. The taxed 45 c. were added with timbres taxe type Duval 30 c., 10 c., twice 2 c. and 1 c. Postcard with some corner wear, nevertheless an exceptional combination and usage of the small denomination timbre taxe values Maury TT 10+11+15+18.
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : 250 CHF

    Lot# : 7295 Switzerland

    Switzerland 1884/1900: Group seven covers / postcards from Switzerland to France, sometimes redirected incl. 1884 cover from Versailles to Interlaken with Swiss timbre taxe, annulled as the cover was returned to France with French timbres taxe in addition, 1890 Swiss inland stationery postacard forwaded to France, there only taxed with the simple difference between inland and abroad rates following the UPU regulations, 'irregular' 1898 Swiss stationery postcard taxed as unfranked letter with Duval 15 c. black and 30 c. red, 1896 forwarded cover with Swiss and French timbres taxe, 1890 cover in the rayon limitrophe taxed wit 30 centimes, also 1900 cover to Paris taxed at the Exposition Universelle. An interesting assembly.
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : 250 CHF
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