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British Post Offices Abroad - The 'Dubois' Collection
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  • Lot# : 5501 USA

    1756 (Nov 22): Cover from New York, docketed by one Richard Peters and addressed to the Honourable Thomas Penn in London, struck with very fine two line "NEW / YORK" in black (this handstamp was made in England and supplied by the General Post Office) with manuscript rate '3oz.¼', a heavy letter mailed at the rate of 1 shilling per ¼ ounce, and thus charged "13N" (shillings) in manuscript due to pay. Reverse, displaying well on flap, with Bishop Mark of receipt "11/FE" in black. Reverse with manuscript docketing "Paid 2 pounds 5s. 3d." presumably the total for all the mail received by Thomas Penn on that day.rnrnNote: Thomas Penn, 1702-1775, son of the founder of the province of Pennsylvania, returned to England in 1751, head of the Penn family which owned nearly two thirds of modern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Letters between Penn and Richard Peters (1704-1776), secretary to the Land Office, can be found in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania collections.
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    Lot# : 5502 USA

    Seven Years War 1759 (July 31): Entire letter written by Major Mungo Campbell from Ticonderoga to Inverary via Edinburgh, Scotland with fascinating contents written just two days after the Battle of Ticonderoga (Fort Carillon): "The French deserted this place so soon as we got up our Batteries & then our Artillery played. They might have made victory dear to us. All your friends are perfectly well our success has been rapid, our expectations are sanguine and you may probably soon hear from us from Montreal at which place, or rather St. John, halfway to it, it is thought the French will make the first stand and that they will abandon Crown Point in the same hasty manner they evacuated this place on a few days at most: speedy preparations are making to embark on Lake Champlain...we are now preparing a salad from the gardens of Ticonderoga. Ware in high spirits only now and then the thoughts of an approaching peace and half pay damps us...", The cover is rated '2/11d.' to pay in manuscript (1s. to New York, 1s. Packet rate to Falmouth + 11d. inland postage) with Bishop Mark on reverse "8/SE" of receipt. Two small closed opening tears at top but an extremely historic and rare entire.rnrnNote: General Sir Jeffery Amherst moved artillery to high ground overlooking Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga), which was latterly defended by a garrison of 400 Frenchmen under the command of Brigadier General François-Charles de Bourlamaque, many troops having already been sent North towards Montreal. Upon the French evacuation of the Fort after their attempt to blow it up, it was renamed and Amherst's forces began the repair of the Fort and boat building on Lake Champlain.
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    Lot# : 5503 USA

    1766 (July 31): Entire letter from Annapolis to Philadelphia marked on front panel "2.16" in red manuscript (2 penny-weight, 16 grains of silver) and also annotated "1/4" (1 shilling 4 d. sterling) the equivalent amount with, on reverse a superb strike of two line "ANNA / POLIS" handstamp in black: only recorded in use for 1766. This handstamp was made in England and supplied by the General Post Office. A superb rarity in the foremost quality.rnrnNote: The addressee Cadwallader Morris (1741-1795) was a merchant and politician from Philadelphia. During the American Revolution, he was a member of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, which was commanded by his cousin, Captain Samuel Morris.
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,600 CHF

    Lot# : 5504 USA

    1768 (Feb): Cover from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Jared Ingersoll, Judge of the Court of the Admiralty in New York and re-addressed to New Haven, originally marked "On His Majesty's Service" but with annotation in manuscript "PD 1P+8" (1 penny-weight + 8 grains of silver); struck on reverse with "BOSTON" straight line handstamp in brown (first year of use) and Boston Bishop Mark "13/FE" in same ink and two line "NEW / YORK" in black with further Bishop Mark "25/FE". Some flap wear of no significance, truly superb strikes of both handstamps.rnrnNote: The addressee, Jared Ingersoll was a Connecticut Stamp Agent and Judge of the Court of the Admiralty: his son, also named Jared (1749-1822) was a lawyer and statesman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress and a signator of the United States Constitution.rn 
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    Lot# : 5505 USA

    1769 (Aug 27): Entire letter from London to Governor Grant of St. Augustine, Florida via Charles Town, North Carolina. rated "1N" (1 shilling) for the Packet rate and struck on despatch with Bishop Mark "6/SE" in brown. Very fine strike of the two line "CHARLES / TOWN" handstamp in black applied on entry, and thence forwarded on to St. Augustine. A superb and very rare entire that displays well.rnrnNote: In 1768, at the insistence of Governor Grant of Florida, a mail service was established between Charles Town and St. Augustine by Post Rider via Savannah and Sunbury. The journey took a fortnight in each direction and was discontinued after a few years.rnrnThe letter has fascinating chatty content including the "elopement of Lord Albemarle's Mistress...he had laid out £8'000 on her and the town say had made handsome provision for her in case of his death" and "being (Robert) Clive's friends they asked the Government to assist them in the Persian Gulph where Pirates had destroyed their trade..." and "The Duke of Norfolk is to be married to Miss Fitzroy Scudamore with near 6'000 a year..." (she later became insane and was locked away for many years).
    Starting bid : 2,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,000 CHF

    Lot# : 5506 USA

    1772 (Jan 24): Cover from Sam Chase in Baltimore to Willam & Thomas Bradford, printers of Philadelphia with "2.16" in black manuscript (2 penny-weight, 16 grains of silver) and also annotated "1/4" (1 shilling 4 d. sterling) the equivalent amount prepaid in red ink, struck on reverse with straight line "BALTIMORE" handstamp in black, this handstamp being issued by the General Post Office in England. Strengthened at top and docketing at base "Sam Chase, Jan 24, 1772" - Chase was a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. Rare.rnrnNote: The original letter was written from Annapolis (a photocopy is with the lot), with Chase asking for a Pocket Almanack and a blank small memorandum book, preferably to be delivered direct and not to the Coffee House as they would be "taken away by some idle person or other".rnProvenance: R. A. Siegel, New York, 15 Dec 2010.
    Starting bid : 750 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,000 CHF

    Lot# : 5507 USA

    1772 (July 1): Entire letter from Pensacola, Florida to Thomas Bradford, printers in Philadelphia, struck with straight line "PENSACOLA" handstamp in brown - the earliest recorded usage - with two line "CHARLES / TOWN" struck as usual across flap but both displaying well. Rated at top "8" in red manuscript (Charles Town from Penasacola) and "2/S" (shillings) for amount due upon receipt. A fine and rare entire of great importance to the Postal History of Florida.rnrnNote: The contents refer to buying land in Florida - "The person applying, after making Oath that he intends settling in the province, is to have 100 acres for himself, 50 for his wife with the same quantity for each child and servant. Quit rent at half a penny sterling an Acre to commence at the expiration of 10 years...".rnProvenance: Shreve, New York, 27 Jan 2010.
    Starting bid : 10,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 13,500 CHF

    Lot# : 5508 USA

    Congress Post 1775 (July 1): Entire letter from Philadelphia via Willamsburg to Robert Carter at Nomony Hall, Westmoreland County, Virginia, rated at top in red manuscript "ON10" (10d.) prepaid, with reverse showing "PHILA. JULY 4" despatch handstamp in red across flap and superb strike of "WMS. BURG / JULY 15" arrival in red-brown ink: either the latest recorded strike of the British Colonial handstamp or the first under Benjamin Franklin's appointment as Postmaster General of the United Colonies. A marvellous entire of great historical importance.rnrnNote: The addressee, Robert Carter of Nomony (Nomoni) Hall, was a lawyer and whilst he gave tacit support during the War of Independence, he was later one of very few Plantation owners to free all his 500+ slaves in 1788. The letter, written by Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794) was a member of the First Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence which he himself first proposed in June 1776, is interesting: "It seems indeed as if Lord Dunmore was taking true pains to incut the censure of the whole reasonable world, conceiving I suppose, that it is the most likely way to please his Masters in the Administration. The enclosed printed hand-bill will give you an account of a very bloody engagement between a detachment of the Continental Army and the Ministerial Forces from Boston. Our enemies are compelled to remain under cover of their Ship's Cannon. Should they come out we have 15'000 men under command of Generals Washington, Ward, Lee, Putnam and others ready to give a good account. The Ministerial plan against New York we shall oppose with 5'000 men under the immediate command of General Schuyler. The Canadians have peremptorily refused to join Govr. Carleton and when he has warmly solicited the Indians to take up the hatchet against us, they tell him 'it is buried too deep, they cannot find it'. To us they promise a strict neutrality. Things being thus secured where our enemies proposed to make the deepest impression it remains with us in the middle and southern colonies to take care that the appreciation be faithfully observed...we hear that 13 Transports are arrived at N. York with about 2'000 soldiers, and on their being ordered round to Boston they mutiny and swear they will not go there to fight against their friends. General Howe who commanded the Ministerial Troops in the late battle, we have good accounts is dead of his wounds. He was by much the best Officer they had....Congress will I fear, sit a great part of the summer. Business inroads fast upon us and the public here seems unwilling we should get up before it is known how the Battle of Lexington was received in England...".
    Starting bid : 6,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 9,000 CHF

    Lot# : 5509 USA

    1842: Second sheet of entire letter from New York to Vice Admiral Sir Charles Adam, KCB, Commander in Chief, Havana; sent prepaid from New York with manuscript "1/-" in red alongside superb "♚ / PAID / AT / NEW YORK" in red with corresponding NEW YORK double arc cds of the British P.O. on reverse (April 25). Reverse with oval FORWARDED BY / RICHARD S. TUCKER / NEW-YORK in red and both embellished and dated (April 25) in ink by Agent. Manuscript notation of receipt "Rec'd at Havana 7 May". Illustrated in Parmenter & Gordon on page 7/8. Three covers are recorded, one is ex Glassco. A wonderful cover of enormous rarity to both British and American Postal History Gi = £ 35'000.rnrnNote: Sir Charles Adam was serving as Rear Admiral, First Naval Lord and on the Admiralty Board. He was Commander in Chief of the North American and West Indies Station aboard HMS Illustrious from August 1841 until December 1844.rnProvenance: Collection Andre Bollen, DF, Zurich, 29-30 March 1984, lot 11720; R.A.Siegel, New York, 10 June 2010.
    Starting bid : 25,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 25,000 CHF

    Lot# : 5510 USA

    1842: Entire letter from New Orleans to Liege, Belgium struck on reverse with enormously rare British Post Office "NEW ORLEANS" double arc datestamp struck in red (August 24). Rated 2/4d. to pay in manuscript with reverse showing London transit cds (Oct 14) in red, circular AUS ENGLAND PER OSTENDE in red (Oct 15) and framed 'Rate Box' DEBOURS ETRANGERS (2/4d.) / TAXE REDUITE - (30) / PORT BELGE (11) in red with red manuscript '41' décimes to collect from recipient. One of just two covers recorded - both are from the same correspondence (the other ex Bollen is illustrated in Parmenter & Gordon on page 7/7). A rarity of both Great Britain Used Abroad and American Postal History.
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 4,600 CHF
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