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  • Lot# : 1810 Russia

    1828 (Oct & Nov): Disinfected entire letters (2), both from Taganrog bilingually addressed to Trieste, each disinfected on entry at Cracow, Poland and each struck there with origin handstamp "Russie" in black (Van der Linden fig. 2470). Reverse with Triest arrival datestamps in blue, both entires with a journey time of roughly 40 days. Fresh and fine cover.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1811 Russia

    1830 (Aug 22 / Sept 3): Disinfected entire letter from Odessa to Genova, carried outside the mails to Brody with manuscript Forwarding Agent notation on reverse "Basileo G. Pasuoli, Brody 7 7bre 1830" and struck on obverse with oval framed BRODY / IN GALIZ in black. Disinfected at Novara with large oval Eagle cachet "R. Giunta Sanitaria di Novara" in bright blue. Opens well for Exhibit display, scarce.
    Starting bid : 150 CHF
    Hammer price : 180 CHF

    Lot# : 1812 Russia

    1845/51: Disinfected entire letters (2), both sent from Russian P.O. in Constantinople to Odessa, each disinfected on entry and each struck by black oval 'ODESSA QUARANTINE' handstamp in Cyrillic on reverse. Usual light strike, disinfection slits and rastel puches Tyukov and Vandervelde fig. 8.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1813 Russia

    1855 (Sept 30): Entire letter written by a shop-keeper at the 'Ville de Paris' on the Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg to Sentier, Switzerland, carried privately out of Russia during the Crimean War and mailed unpaid from Belgium with LIEGE datestamp in red-brown (Oct 20). Reverse with Sentier arrival (Oct 24) and charged '40' rappen due in red manuscript. A most unusual and interesting forwarded usage.
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1814 Russia

    Shipmail in the Sea of Japan 1901 (Aug 19):  Printed commercial envelope from Vladivostok to Yokohama franked Russia 10 kop. on reverse, tied by NAGASAKI JAPAN cds, front with boxed PAQUEBOT and red chop equivalent adjacent, very fine and rare.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1815 Russia

    1909 (April 4): Picture postcard with Irkutsk motif to Shanghai bearing Imperial Arms definitive 3 kop. red, tied by oval "CHELYAB. 167 OMSK" Railway Line datestamp (Kiryushkin & Robinson  R167.3) with cds's of the Russian and Chinese P.O.'s in Shanghai alongside. Holcombe notes on lower right.
    Starting bid : 100 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1816 Russia

    Russian Civil War - Russian Post in Constantinople 1921 (Jan 13): Registered cover from the French Fieldpost Office in Constantinople to Lausanne, showing on reverse as despatch address “I. Poplavsky / Poste Russe / Consple” and “Sanitary Unit of the Russian Army / Russian Post Constantinople” handstamp in blue, front bearing French Sower definitive 25 c. blue in a gutter pair with Millésime ‘0’, tied by ‘Tresor et Postes / 506’ cds with handwritten matching registration label ‘TP 506’ alongside, reverse with indistinct French “… 21 / CHARGEMENTS” cds and ‘Lausanne 11 Gare’ (Jan 21, 1921) arrival cds.rnNote: A handstamp with a similar design of the Russian Post in Constantinople, but reading “Russia Refugee Aid Organisation” is already known from the blog of Trevor Pateman. 
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1826 Russia

    1858/1918: Interesting Collection 130+ stamps with shade and cancellation interest on album pages incl. dotted numerals, horse carriage station marks and Russian Poland ring type numerals, shipmail cancellations, in addition some camouflage WWI postmarks, also on better issues, mostly good to very fine condition.
    Starting bid : 1,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,400 CHF

    Lot# : 1827 Russia

    1858/1991: Collection in eight albums, in the general catalogue numbers nearly complete with plenty of better values used/unused or in mint condition, starting with two copies of No. 1, gutter pairs, surcharged values, airmails with better Zeppelin issues as 1931 Polar flight sets perf./imperf., 1935 Levanevsky ovpted. 'Moscow - San Francisco Flight' unused (2), airpost officials stamps, further miniature sheets with 1937 'Moscow Jubilee Aviation Exhibition, 1949 '70th Anniversary of Stalin' and 'Lenin Mausoleum' imperf. miniature sheet of four, in addition Russian P.O.'s abroad as Russian Levant with 1863 coat of Arms 6 k. blue (3, of which two unused and one used copies) together with 1865 2 k. and 20 k. used, complete 1909/10 overprinted City - Issues from Beiruth to Mount Athos and Trebizonde as well as issues for China,  Wenden, Northern Army, also two used blocks German Occupation of Romania during WW 2 (Michel MS 1+2). A fine and comprehensive collection, carefull inspection highly recommended.
    Starting bid : 4,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 9,000 CHF

    Lot# : 1828 Russia

    1912/60ca: Selection hundreds stamps used/unused showing specialities and varieties incl. 1915 War charity issue, compl. set of four with Specimen ovpts., Arms definitives with shifted or inverted ovpts, 1917 Romanov essays and stamps with Isvestiya ovpts., 1918 liberation issue without chalk overprints,1912 Russian PO's in the Levant early RSFSR charity stamps, 1922 Volga famine 2'250 r. green on thin paper (4), 1927 definitive ovpts on postage due, rare types, RSFSR definitives with shifted or inverted ovpts, offsets, double prints, shifted perforations, handpainted RSFSR stamp essays, 1933 Baku issie Specimen perforation, 1933 Exchange control stamps 3 & 5 r. ovpts in a pair (2), Charkow ovpts, and 1961 Lomonossov with Pli accordéon, also Western Ukraine. Eleven certs.
    Starting bid : 1,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 6,000 CHF

    Lot# : 1831 Russia

    1859/1916: Lot 137 covers/postcards with several rare and interesting usages in Russia and abroad incl. 23 inland 1859/65 covers at the 10 kop inland rate with Arms definitive perf 12½ showing a variety of dotted numeral cancellations, 1869 printed matter at 7 kop rate from Berdiansk, 1870/72 two stationery envelopes despatched at Moscow city PO showing numeral ‘2’, 1884 formular postcard abroad, 1884 three colour franking Taganrog to Hydra Greece, 1899 postcard with blue Stanziya Kainsk cds, registered mail, mass frankings, 1902 registered cover sent from Port Arthur via Siberia to Lausanne, 1908 value letter to Jerusalem, 1908 Poltava Zemstvo cover, WWI camouflage cancellation on cover Kremenchug to Warsaw, 1908 SPB to Holland, missent with German shipmail to New York, 1904/06 Money Transfer Orders (4), 1914 Finnish censorship strip, 1906 postcard with mixed franking Russia - India, 1881 registered cover abroad from Kamenets-Podolski to Brussels, 1882 octagonal SPB railway cancellation in blue, also several pre-UPU multi-colour frankings abroad with 13 kop to Italy & France, 14 kop to Germany, 20 kop to Germany, Great Britain, Italy & France, 26 kop. double rate to France, 27 kop to Great Britain, 28 kop. to France, 30 kop. to Great Britain, 35 kop to Italy, 36 kop to the Netherlands, 40 kop double rate to France, also Russian Levant with 1904 Persia stationery postcard to the Russian ROPiT PO in Samsun, cover Odessa to Khios with Russian stamp tied upon arrival at the ROPiT agency in Khios, 1880 cover to Constantinople tied upon arrival, 1904 Jerusalem printed matter. A strong lot with high retail value.
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 6,000 CHF

    Lot# : 1832 Russia

    1865/1950ca: Interesting Lot 240 Soviet covers, directed within the Soviet Union and towards Western Europe incl. usage of commemorative issues, stamp exchange issues, 1922 Philately for the children on ovpt stationery lettercard, 1923 Vistavka issue imperf in pairs on cover, 1925 usage of advertisement labels (2), 1926 Proletarian Esperanto congres, further registered letters, express mail with a large diversity of labels from smaller villages, late usage of Imperial labels, mixed frankings with Polish stamps in 1939, 1942 cover with 'Be a hero' issue on local cover within the Moscow district and 'People's Militia' on registered cover, 1947 Moscow anniversary, cut out from souvernir sheet, 1949 Lenin Mausoleum miniature sheet cut down on cover, 1949 cut outs from Stalin souvernir sheet on cover (2), many covers from Moscow or Leningrad  but also from Central Asia or Georgia with bilingual datestamps and labels. In addition ten Imperial covers incl. 1865 triple rate cover with 30 kop. carmine and green, 1870/73 four covers to France, Switzerland and the Netherlands with the corresponding frankings, 1903 registered cover from train station to Switzerland, 1905 mixed Austria - Russia franking, 1909 registered cover with add. court stamp, and 1918 Ekaterinodar CTO usage of the Romanov overprinted definitives. To be studied carefully to be appreciated.
    Starting bid : 5,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 10,000 CHF

    Lot# : 1833 Russia

    1869/1970: Lot 25 covers / postcards, incl. French commemorative stationery postcard for the 1896 Paris visit of czar Nicolas, 1904 reg cover Samarkand to Stari Bukhara, 1905 cover to Portugal, 1911 Tiflis to Täbriz, 1908 cover to Mount Athos, 1915 reg cover Baku to Petrograd, German Fieldpost cover 1915 with usage of 1875 definitive 2 kop. black & rose, tied by "K. P. Feldpoststation Nr. 173" cds, 1916 cover from the Belgian ship ‘Elbruz’ under blockade in Nicolajev to France, Russian WWI Fieldpost and 1924 cover with 'Forces of the Revolution' multiples. An interesting lot to be studied.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1834 Russia

    1900/1913: Interesting Selection 43 Registered covers with 3- and R- UPU type labels incl. usages in larger cities but also from smaller offices such as Teriberka Arkhangelsk on quadruple rate cover, Arkhangelsk city post, Kharkov train station, Maksimov & Dolinsk Kherson Gub, Kalarash Bessarabia, different types of Kiev and Odessa labels, Rostov train station, Novotsherkassk Don oblast, Mikhailovskoje Orenburg gub, Revel train station PO, Myshkin Jaroslavl gub, Lgov Kursk gub, Logishin & Nesvishe Minsk gub, Golovchin Mogilev gub, Bolshoje Murashkino Nishni Novgorod gub. A clean and attractive lot mounted on leaves from the collection of Harry von Hofmann with his write up.
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : 400 CHF

    Lot# : 1835 Russia

    1906/58: Collection on leaves with postcards franked by Imperial Arms 3 kop. red , including1906 card with NIZHNI-PERM Steamship cancel, 1907 usage with KAZAN-ASTRAKAN oval, Railway TPO's # 89 on 1915 card, #240 Mosiervil-Reval on 'Active Service' postcard, 1907 'Irkutsck-Chita' usage, #124 'Chelyabinsk-Samara' on card, a good range with one or two more modern covers and 1958 Brussels Exhibition set imperf. in sheets (23).
    Starting bid : 120 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1836 Russia

    TUVA 1935: Lynx 50 k. deep blue, single example used on registered cover to Arthur Maury in Paris, tied by "Turan" cds (March 26) in black with framed registration cachet at lower left. Fresh and fine with Soviet Philatelic Society cachet on reverse. Rare.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 220 CHF

    Lot# : 1837 Russia

    TUVA 1926/: Collection with 1926 first issue set unused (2) with original gum and scarce thus, June 1927 surcharged set of four unused (lacquered ink), July 1927 set of 14 unused with some duplication, April 1932 set of six unused (2), 1932/33 35 k. on 18 k. and 35 k. on 28 k. unused, rare 15 k. on 6 k. orange provisional with 6¼ mm. opt. unused (signed Sieger), 1934 perf. (2) and imperf. sets unused, 1934 air sets unused (2), thereafter complete to 1936 air set. A scarce and attractive collection Gi = £ 1'500+.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 550 CHF

    Lot# : 1838 Russia

    TUVA 1935: Covers (4) with 1935 Landscapes set seven used on registered cover to Vienna tied by 'Turan' cds's (March 25), 1935 Animals set of ten used on registered cover cancelled by "Turan" datestamps (March 26), rare but addressee's name deleted, 1937 registered covers (2) both actually mailed to New York bearing 13 values of the 1937 issue with all stamps tied by 'Kizil' cds's (Feb 13, 1937) in violet and backstamped in USA on March 14, some faults to each but a rare group.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 200 CHF
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