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Brit. Colonies lots/accumulations

The BESANCON Collection (part 2)
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  • Lot# : 6268 Brit. Colonies lots/accumulations

    1884/1900: The very mixed remainder of a collection with Cape of Good Hope covers (4) with one to Germany and one to Basutoland, CGH 1876 1 d. on 1 s. green unused, 1879 3 d. on 4 d. blue used showing PENCB variety clearly, 1880 3 d. on 4 d. pale dull rose unused and used, '3' on 3 d. pale dull rose unused but creased, '3' inverted on 3 d. in a used pair, Transvaal with 'EEN PENNY' on 4 d. olive unused (8), Great Britain 1840 2 d. blue Mulready envelope unused etc.
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