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  • Lot# : 5421 Guatemala

    1800c.: Incoming cover to Guatemala endorsed "Correo Maritimo" struck with "Crown / P / ANDALUCIA / ALTA" in red and condensed "ESPANA" handstamp in carmine. A fine and early cover.
    Starting bid : 120 CHF
    Hammer price : 180 CHF

    Lot# : 5422 Guatemala

    1873: Entire letter from San Felipe to the Italian Consul in Guatemala City, mailed during a shortage of the first issue adhesives, struck on despatch with framed "FRANCO" handstamp in sepia with superb strike of San Felipe "12" numeral obliterator in same ink. An exceptional and very rare entire.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 400 CHF

    Lot# : 5423 Guatemala

    1875 (April 15): Liberty issue 2 r. dull red, a single example used on 1875 cover to Genova, Italy lightly cancelled by 'Guatemala' cds with further "Correos de Guatemala / Paquetes" cds adjacent (Oct 19). The cover carried on a British Ship with PANAMA-TRANSIT cds in black (Oct 30) and reverse showing London transit cds in red (Nov 29). Struck with "T" marking and extremely rare Accountancy marking "FR-CTS / 1-70" in blue (unrecorded by Van Der Linden). Thence to Genova where struck with '24' decimi charge mark in black and correspondingly taxed with 1870 Postage Due 40 c. and 2 lire, rounded corner perf., each tied by 'Genova' cds (Dec 3). Illustrated in Goodman on page 77, one of just two known covers of the issue with an 1875 date. A remarkable and very rare entire.
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,800 CHF

    Lot# : 5424 Guatemala

    1878: Indian Woman ½ r. yellow-green, an unused corner block of ten (5 x 2), from lower right of sheet with 'Arthur Maury' imprint in margin (most of these 'advertising' imprints were removed by the Guatemala Post Office on the ½ r. sheets), variety "Imperforate Between Horizontally" and "Imperforate Between Stamp and Margin" at right, fresh and very fine, unused without gum. A scarce and most attractive multiple.rnrnProvenance: Collection Luis Cervera, DF, Nov 1-6, 1993, lot 30534.
    Starting bid : 350 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 5425 Guatemala

    1878: Indian Woman 4 r. violet, a used example on 1878 cover to Lyon, France tied by neat "Guatemala" datestamp (June 27) in black with double ring 'Correos / Guatemala' cds in red alongside. Handstruck '12' décimes due marking applied on delivery (Guatemala did not join the UPU until 1881) and Lyon arrival (July 31) on reverse. This cover is recorded by Goodman on page 85, the second earliest of the ten recorded. A fine and rare cover Scott = $ 2'500.
    Starting bid : 1,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,900 CHF

    Lot# : 5426 Guatemala

    1881: Surcharge set of four values 1 c. on Quetzal ¼ r., 5 c. on ½ r. yellow-green, 10 c. on Quetzal 1 r., and 20 c. on Indian Woman 20 r. carmine-rose, all in fresh and fine unused blocks of four, the 10 c. block without gum, balance fine large part og. Scarce in multiples Scott = $ 700+.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 5427 Guatemala

    1881: 5 c. on Indian Woman ½ r. yellow-green, a used example of this scarce provisional issue used on 1881 cover to Bristol, England cancelled by bold five pointed star obliterator in blue. Octagonal Guatemala City datestamp at left (Aug 14) in red alongside and Bristol arrival cds (Sept 13). A very scarce cover - Guatemala joined the UPU on August 1, 1881 and the foreign letter rate of 5 centavos was in use for a little over two months, being raised to 10 centavos on October 8, 1881. This cover is mentioned in Goodman on page 106 - the earliest one of only three he recorded. Tiny piece of back flap missing but a very rare cover Scott = $ 2'000.rnrnProvenance: Collection Luis Cervera, DF, Zurich, 1-6 Nov 1993, lot 30562.
    Starting bid : 750 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 5428 Guatemala

    1881 (Nov 7): Small Quetzal 10 c. grey-violet & green, used example on 1883 cover to Hamburg tied by fancy mute segmented 'Cross' and small target handstamps in violet with "Correos / Quetzaltenango" datestamp (Aug 21) alongside. Reverse with octagonal "Correos de Guatemala" datestamp, London cds (Sept 27) in red and Hamburg arrivals in black. A scarce stamp on letter Scott = $ 650.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 320 CHF

    Lot# : 5429 Guatemala

    1886: Rail Bond issue 25 c. on 1 p. vermilion, a used example tied to 1886 cover sent registered to Leipzig by oval framed "OFICINA DE CERTIFICADOS / GUATEMALA" datestamp in blue (May 30). Registration cachet at left with New York transit registration label above. Reverse with New York datestamp (June 15) and Leipzig arrival (June 26) in black. A very scarce issue on letter - it was replaced within three months by the July 1886 National Arms issue.rnrnProvenance: Collection Miguel Ricoy, RL, Zurich, 5 Nov 1986, lot 1639.rn                   Collection Jose Castillejo, Spink, New York, 8 June 2016, lot 1120.
    Starting bid : Bid
    Hammer price : 420 CHF

    Lot# : 5430 Guatemala

    1886 (Nov 12): Provisional 1 c. on 2 c. brown, a remarkable 1886 cover to Hamburg covered, front and back, with 36 examples (all from First Setting without stop after 1886), cancelled by segmented cork handstamps with 'Correos / Guatemala" cds (Nov 29, first month of use) in black. Reverse with Hamburg arrival cds (Dec 31). Rare and spectacular franking.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 220 CHF

    Lot# : 5431 Guatemala

    Incoming Mail 1865: Great Britain 1 s. green, plate 4, a single and a vertical strip of five (Gi. 101) used on 1866 entire letter to Guatemala tied by London '12' in bars obliterators in black. 'Lombard Street' despatch cds (March 2) in red and PANAMA British P.O: cds on front (March 21) in black. Handstruck '12' (reales) due marking in red of arrival. A scarce high franking.
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : 250 CHF
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