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  • Lot# : 1305 Hungary

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    Catalogue# : A1 + Austria 37/I
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    1871: Postal stationery money order with an indicium of 5 kr. red following the design of the 1871 Hungarian definitives in mixed franking with the 1867 Austro-Hungarian 'Ausgleich' definitives, 5 kr. red coarse whiskers used from "PESTH 7/4 71" to Gyöngyös with arrival cds on reverse (9/4). The usual central vert. fold and some nicks, but the coupon still attached, an interesting complete and fine example of these completely bilingual formular in mixed franking with the previous issue. Cert. Ferchenbauer (2016) Ferchenbauer = € 3'000.
    Starting bid : 500.00 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1306 Hungary

    1871/1914: Collection 210 stamps used/unused, incl. some early lithographs, colour shades, cancellations, letter types, Turul bird, Flood and War Charity overprints and some others, good condition and neatly arranged on album pages.
    Starting bid : 200.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 200.00 CHF

    Lot# : 1307 Hungary

    1871/1961: Collection in an album with better sets and miniature sheets used, from 1906 onwards mainly in complete sets, starting with lithographed issues and including newspaper stamps, postage dues, 1934 Liszt miniature sheets used/unused, 1938 Eucharistic Congress as well as 1948 Chain Bridge souvernir sheetlets  unused (Mi. Bl. 12 + 13).
    Starting bid : 300.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 300.00 CHF

    Lot# : 1308 Hungary

    1935/79: Dealer's stock with thousands of stamps mainly in mint condition, incl. single values, part and full sheets, plenty of full sets partly in heavy duplication, a wealth of thematics as animals, bilrds, flowers. man in space and many more, in addition several souvenir sheets in quantities, all arranged in eight large stockbooks and in envelopes, packed in six boxe, a carful inspection is heavily recommended.
    Starting bid : 800.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,400.00 CHF

    Lot# : 1309 Hungary

    1958/89: Collection several hundred imperf. stamps in mint condition, plenty of full sets and some souvenir sheets showing a broad variety of various topical designs as birds, flowers, men in space, sport events and many more, housed in a large stockbook.
    Starting bid : 1,500.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,700.00 CHF
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