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  • Lot# : 1044 Luxemburg

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    Catalogue# : 142/Block I+II
    1923: Two souvenir sheets 'Birth of Princess Elisabeth' 10 Fr. green, showing both types of perforation, usual original gum Mi = € 4'000.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 480 CHF

    Lot# : 1045 Luxemburg

    1970/2009: Important lot several thousand stamps used/unused and in mint condition, with single values, full sets, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, booklets, FDC's, Maxicards, special editions, leaflets from the post office, stickers, few banknotes, annual booklets, plenty of valid postage from 2001-2009 etc. etc., nicely arranged on album pages partly with description and collected in 14 large office folders, enormous investment value spent to the new issues departement of Luxembourg, the whole packed in two large boxes.
    Starting bid : 600 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot# : 1046 Luxemburg

    1852/1998: Important collection several thousand stamps used/unused or in mint condition, incl. single values, full sets as Intellectuals of 1935,  blocs of four, miniature sheets as 10 C. red of 1906, two different 15 C of 1921, souvenir sheets, airmails, officials, in addition hundreds of FDC's, daily mail, Maxicards, picture postcards, postal stationery items etc. etc., all mounted on album pages partly with description and arranged in ten large and three small albums, packed in a large box.
    Starting bid : 1,300 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,100 CHF

    Lot# : 1047 Luxemburg

    1865/80: Interesting collection of used rouletted and perf. Arms definitives with several multiples up to blocks of four incl. 1865 1 c. brown (3 and pair), 4 c. yellow (3), 186/75 1 c. red orange, 10 c. red lilac and dull-lilac in blocks of four, 20 c. brown grey in a block of four, 25 c. light-blue in a strip of four, 30 c. lilac red in pairs (3), 40 c. orange from both printings (46 and three pairs), 1872 1 c. brown orange in a block of four, 1 fr. on 37½ c. bister, 1875 5 c. yellow (12 and four pairs). An attractive selection, generally fine and fresh, with a broad selection of different crisp cancellations Mi = € 16'000+.
    Starting bid : 1,200 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,800 CHF
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