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  • Lot# : 1485 Australia

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    1913: First Kangaroo issue, the unused set of fifteen values from ½ d. grren to the rare £ 2 black & rose (Cert RPS 2001) all stamps in deep fresh colour and  with full original gum, £ 2 with fiull original gum and trace of a hinge, on album sheet SG = £ 10'000.
    Starting bid : 2,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 5,500 CHF

    Lot# : 1486 Australia

    1915: Second Kangaroo issue, the unused set of seven values from 2 d grey to the 5 Sh grey and yellow, all  in deep fresh colour and with full original gum nh SG = £ 2'250.
    Starting bid : 350 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,700 CHF

    Lot# : 1487 Australia

    1929: Kangaroo issue typographed by J. Ash Multiple Crown and A Watermark, the unused set of seven values from 6 d. chestnut up to £ 2.-  black and rose, all in deep fresh colour and with full original gum nh SG = £ 5'000.

    Info: Lot will be offered as is 'tel quel'

    The £2 stamp is not unmounted mint with hinge trace ot top and gum somewhat re-distributed.
    Start remains at CHF 1'500
    Starting bid : 1,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,000 CHF

    Lot# : 1488 Australia

    1913/31: Kangroos and King George V Head issues, small study collection with 125 stamps showing various colour shades, only small values up to 2 Sh, all with full original gum, mounted on album pages and each stamp joined by it's Gibbons Nnumber.
    Starting bid : 150 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,400 CHF

    Lot# : 1489 Australia

    1913/65: Collection few hundred stamps unused with full original gum or in mint conditon, incl. some better values as Kangaroos 1931 up to £ 1.-, both shades Sydney Harbour bridge 5 Sh as well as full commemorative sets, housed in one album.
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,800 CHF

    Lot# : 1490 Australia

    1966/2007: Modern mint collection with seversl hundred stamps showing a large variety of colourful topics, incl. full sets, gutter pairs, strips, booklet panes, souvenir sheets, miniatrue sheets, parcel stamps, Framas, coil stamps, self adhesives and other products by the new issues department, nicely arranged in fiveLeuchtturm albums.
    Starting bid : 600 CHF
    Hammer price : 600 CHF

    Lot# : 1493 Australia

    1947/2007: Compl. modern mint collection Cocos Keeling Islands and Norfolk Islands, several hundred stamps incl. souvenir sheets and miniature sheets, showing a wealth of colorful topical sets as fish, butterflies, birds, landscapes and many more, housed in two KABA albums.
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 380 CHF
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