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Lot# 2004 - 186-190 Auction

  • Lot# : 2004 Great Britain

    1857/1902: Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of England 1857-1902, the magnificent International Gold Medal awarded specialised collection (IBRA 2009) of the early Machine Postmarks in four volumes (approx. 130 well written up album pages), starting with the Experimental period (Hill, Rideout, Azema, Sloper) followed by the later machines (e.g. Hoster, Ethridge, Hey-Dophin, Bickerdike, Boston, Columbia, Krag and others). The collection opens with the Pearson Hill Second Trial code «A» (five singles incl. earliest and latest recorded usages 21 Sept. 1857 and 17 Febr. 1858, two pieces and two covers including an exceedingly rare on cover to Macclesfield of which only three are known), Pearson Hill code «2» (earliest known usage 19 Dec. 1857), code «M» (single and piece), Pearson Hill «Opera Glass» postmark (three singles and two on pieces including the earliest known usage 24 March 1858), Pearson Hill Parallel Motion machine incl. Earliest recorded usage 14 May 1858 on piece, various types and codes, Charles Rideout No «1»  and «2» experimental including two on covers to France.  Azema including the fascinating 1868 entire with senders cachet  «J.C.Azema/ 42 St Maryaxe/ London» in red on front addressed to Wilhelm Ree in Hamburg with full content relating to negotiations with the GPO about planned cancellation trials (which finally started about 1 year later; Wilhelm Ree was the owner/manufacturer of the cancellation machine, Azema was his agent in Britain), followed by many covers bearing various strikes and types of the «Azema» cancellations, including the Second trial on Postal Stationery Postcards with a rectangular dater and a «89» in the centre (only 12 postcards recorded), Slooper with a good range of «Standing Orb & Cross» and other types (incl. mis-placed and inverted), Hoster incl. a Postal Stationery cut out bearing the very rare «SP 3 1883» experimental type (recorded to be used on that day only), later types incl. many covers, Postcards and wrappers including the rare «N.P.B.»(3 covers), «BEDFORD ST. B.O.W.C.»(cover plus 1/2d. Postal Stat. cut out) , «CHARING CROSS W.C.»(cover plus Postcard), «Dotted diamond» (piece, Postal Stat. cut out and cover), the exceedingly rare «Malin» postmark on Postal Stat. Postcard 1d.(only four recorded, this being the earliest date 10 Dec. 1890). Later Machines: Hey Dolphin, Ethridge, Bickerdike and Boston incl. many rare types. A fantastic «untouched» collection formed over a period of 40 years, beside the International Gold on IBRA 2009 additionally awarded with the «Golden Posthorn» (German Championship of Postal History, Sindelfingen 2006). 
    Starting bid : 16,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 15,000 CHF