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Lot# 6711 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 6711 Russia

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    Catalogue# : SPB 2
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    St. Petersburg City Post 1864 (Oct 1): Entire letter from Peterhof to St. Petersburg, bearing 1863 (Aug) City Post stamp 5 kop. black & blue, two fine and fresh examples, tied centrally by neat "PETERGOF 1 OKT. 64" despatch cds. Reverse with another information strike. Cert. Mikulski (1992).rnNote: Correctly franked letter from Peterhof to St. Petersburg, an extremely rare franking with two examples of the city post stamps. During the summer months, when the Tsar stayed in his summer residence in Peterhof, this village belonged to the Petersburg postal district and one city post office stamp was sufficient for a letter to St. Petersburg. A xerox of a cover from the same correspondence with only one example of the city post stamp, but despatched in July 1864 is included in the lot. From autumn to spring, however, the normal inland rate of 10 kop. had to be paid as can be seen in this case. A stunning piece from the first period of 1863-1864, when the city post stamps could be used only locally within St. Petersburg or Moscow.rnThe receiver of this letter is Cornelius Otto Schütt (1798-1865) with his address being "at the Moika, corner Kirpivnij perulok, in his own house, St. Peterburg". Schütt came from Hamburg and was the founder of a famous brewery dynasty in St. Petersburg.rnProvenance: Pavlovsk collection, 92. Corinphila sale (March 1996), lot 4519.
    Starting bid : 5,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 9,000 CHF