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Lot# 6053 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 6053 DDSG

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    Catalogue# : 4
    Danube Steam Navigation Co in Romania: 1870 10 kr. red, a used example on 1872 entire letter from Galatz to Ruschuk, the adhesive tied by crisp oval "GALAZ" handstamp without date inset in blue (Tchilinghirian fig. 812). Some toning at right and acid ink imperfections of the cover, nevertheless an extremely late usage of this rare adhesive which is thought to be an error of colour, a unique combination of rare stamp and cancellation. Signed Pfenninger Mi = € 2'200.rnReference: The GALAZ without date inset is of extreme rarity. Tchilinghirian & Stephens described in on page 475 only two known strikes of this elusive cancellation, the other on loose example in the collection of Denwood Kelly. This cover was described in the Tchilinghirian monograph to be part of the Julius Steindler collection, however it was not offered, when this collection came on the market in March 1972.rnrn 
    Starting bid : 2,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 4,600 CHF