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Lot# 2209 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 2209 Collections/lots worldwide

    1880/2000c: Lot hundreds stamps used / unused with collection parts incl. Cuba under Spanish rule, Labuan, India, Indian Convention States, C.E.F., worldwide stationery cut-outs group, Württemberg, Venezia Giulia & Tridentina with four covers, Uruguay collection on Maury pages, Macao, Austria, Penny Red plating, Bechuanaland, Portuguese colonies, Philippines under Spanish rule, Russia, Samoa, Toga, USA, Finland local stamps, classic Japan with many forgeries, Jammu & Kashmeer with definitives, many forgeries included and telegraph stamps in whole sheets. Also 150 Italian 1865/1890 inland covers with VEII and Umberto frankings. Interesting group, to be studied.
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,800 CHF