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Lot# 1777 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 1777 Austria

    Austrian Navy / Destroyers 1914/18: The beautifully written up collection with covers/cards (50), nearly all with "K. u. K. Kriegsmarine" cachets or datestamps, with 1915 card with "S.M.S. Balaton" cds and 1918 cover with straight line handstamp in red, 1917 card with str. line and cds of "S.M.S. Blitz" in red, Red Cross card in green with "S.M.S. Csepel" cds, card with "S.M.S. Csikos" cds, 1916 Feldpost card with "S.M.S. Dinara" cds and card with "Dinara" Censor cachet with FPO / 267, card from S.M.S. Dukla" str. line, 1915 card with "S.M.S. Huszar" cds, 1918 card with "S.M.S. Komet" str. line in violet, 1917 Feldpost card with "S.M.S. Magnet" in violet, 1916 card with "S.M.S. Meteor" cds, 1915 cards (2) with "S.M.S. Orjen" cds, one with Postage Due; 1915 card with "S.M.S. Pandur" cds in violet, 1916 cover "S.M.S. Planet" cachet and censor handstamp in violet, 1917 card with "S.M.S. Reka" str. line in red, 1916 cards (2) with different "S.M.S. Scharfschutze" cachets in red, pink Feldpost card with "S.M.S. Streiter" cachet in red and a card with Censor cachet in red from same ship, cards/covers (6) with "S.M.S. Tatra" cachets or cds, 1915 and 1918 cards with "S.M.S. Trbant" str. line or circular cachet in red, 1915 cards (2) with "S.M.S. Triglaw" cds or str. line cachet, 1915 illustrated private Feldpost card with "S.M.S. Turul" cds, 1916 cover and card from "S.M.S. Ulan" with cachets in red, covers/cards (3) with "S.M.S. Uskoke" cachets - all different, 1916 cover from "S.M.S. Velebit" with cds, and another with Censor cachet in violet, 1916 and 1918  cards with "S.M.S. Warasdiner" cds's and cards (3) with "S.M.S. Wildfaang" cds's in black or violet, one 1916 card igned by the Captain, Johannes Prince of Liechtenstein. Another splendid lot with much historical information and card or photo illustrations. Ex collection Keith Tranmer.
    Starting bid : 350 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,100 CHF