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Lot# 1776 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 1776 Austria

    Austrian Navy / Depot & Support Ships 1914/18: Collection with covers/cards (84) from Cadet and Pola Harbour Guard "SMS Adria" (5 items), "S.M.S. Alpha" cards (4) with diff. cachets, 1914 real-photo card of sailor on "S.M.S. Basilisk", 1915 cover/card from the hulk  "S.M.S. Bellona", 1916/17 cards from Mine Layer "Chameleon", cards from the hulk "Custoza" (4 different cachets), Repair ship "S.M.S. Cyclop" with covers/cards (3) with Arms cachets (2 diff.), Station ship "Dalmat" (2), 1917 cover ex Sebenico from the Quarters ship "Donau", cover/cards (4) from the Quarters ship "Don Juan di Austria" which housed submarine crews, repair ship "Gaa" with card showing red cachet, covers/cards (4) from "S.M.S. Gamma" a depot ship / hulk, "S.M.S. Herculaes" cds on card (2) a Salvage vessel, card from Tug "S.M.S. Hippos" with cachet in violet (rare), cards (3) from Station ship "Kaiser Max" moored at Teodo and a franked cover tied by violet cachet, 1915 card from Pilot ship "Kathi", 1914 card from the Quarters ship "Lacroma", card from "Mars" a guard ship at Fasana, 1916 ciover from Imperial Yacht "S.M.S. Miramar", card from "Nautilus" a depot ship, usages (5) from the "Pelikan" a depot ship for U-Boat crews, Transport ship "S.M.S. Pola" usages (2), "S.M.S. Salamander" cachet of Mine Tender on card, School ship "Schwarzenburg" (2), Gunnery School ships "Sebenico" with covers (2, diff.) and "Spalato" with cover and card, cards from Tender No. IV and 200, Coal Tender ""Teodo" with cards (3) showing different cachets, Oil Tanket "Vetsa" with violet cachet, "Vulcan" dept ship (3) witrh diff. cachets etc. A fine lot with thge usual historical background and photographs. Ex collection Keith Tranmer.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,900 CHF