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Lot# 1772 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 1772 Austria

    Austrian Navy / Auxilary & Hospital Ships 1914/18: Collection with covers/cards (33) for support ships and ships hired from private firms incl. Refrigeration ship S.S. Carolina used from Pola in June 1917, 1917 Feldpost card with circular Flag handstamp "SS Cyclops / Trieste", depot ship SS Gasten with "SM Dampfer IV" with violet Censor cachet, SS Carniola with similar Censor cachet in red (Dampfer V), "SM Dampfer VII" in red and in violet (a rest ship for U-Boat crews), 1915 "Lloyd Dampfer X" cachet (3 items) in violet from SS Africa ( a Hospital Ship), SS Austria (Dampfer XI) on two cards, 1918 cards from Submarine search ships ("S" Flöotilla) incl. cachets from "S.M.D. Arsa", "S.M.D. Nesazio", "S.M.K.D. Novi", card from Hospital Ship SS Metrovich (ex Lloyd) with circular "Seespital Schiff No. II" cachet in red, cover from Hospital Ship SS Tirol with circular "Seespital Schiff No. III" cachet in red, Feldpost card via FPO / 267 with Hospital Ship straight line "Kommando des Seespitalschiff IV" in red and a 1917 cover to the Red Cross with circular cachet in red, 1918 card with oval "S/S Szeged" in violet (a Transport ship), further covers from ships: s.m.k.d. Risano at Fiume, S.M.D. Dolfin, S.S. Fram (Dampfer XX), S.S. Bosnia (Dampfer XIV), S.M.D. San Mauro, and S.S. Corvin etc., together with photographs or postcards of the ships and a wealth of information. Ex collection Keith Tranmer.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 900 CHF