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Lot# 1771 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 1771 Austria

    Austrian Navy / Shore & Air Bases 1914/18: The collection with covers/cards (92) incl. "Fleigerstation No. 6" in violet on 1915 card ex Pola, 1917 cover with "K. u. K. Seeflugstation Triest" in red via FPO 383 to FPO 406 in Fiume, "K. u. K. Seeflugstation Pola" in violet on 1916 and 1918 covers (diff. cachets) and a similöar usage but in a framed Censor cachet in red, 1916 card from Adriatic Air Base in Kumbor, "K. u. K. Luftschifferfeld Flieger / Kompanie No. 8" on 1915 card ex Pola, 1917 card from the Flying School at Cosada; Naval HQ cancels ex Pola (6 different), San Nicole cachet in violet on 1917 card, cards from the Administration Depts., Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Units, Coastal Defence Unit, Detention Centre, Engineers School, Hospitals, Marine Corps, Medical Services, Patents Office, Provisions stores, Railway Regt., Recruiting School, Searchlight Unit, Slaughterhouse, Sea Arsenal, Sea Mine School Ship, Telegraph Dept., Weapons Dept, with various cachets, 1916 card from Feldmarschalleutenant R. von Rolleg, commandant at Cattaro and written by him etc. Another thorough and extraordinary collection with illustrations, postcards and photographs; most items regarding Pola, but also with usages from Cattaro and Castenuovo etc. Ex collection Keith Tranmer.
    Starting bid : 500 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,000 CHF