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Lot# 1541 - Auction 284 - 290

  • Lot# : 1541 Sardinia

    1815/60: Interesting Collection 55 covers / entire letters with transit and exchange handstamps from the post-Napoleonic period, incl. French entry handstamp of the type 'X PAR Y' with rarer marks such as "ITALIE / P. LE PONT De / BEAUVOISIN" in blue, French postal treaty handstamps such as "X / A.DE.D." or "X / AEJF", Sardinian marks of the "VIA DI X" type with "VIA DI CESANA", French accountany marks such as "C.4.F.R", 1822 "NIZZA MARITT.", 1833 "NIZZA DI MARE", 1816 French-style "DÉB.85 / VINTIMILLE" applied at Ventimiglia, 1840s "T.S." Transit Sarde for mail passing the country, SARZANA mail exchange with Tuscany, "FRANCO SARZANA" for mail part paid to the Tuscan border, "VIA DI BRONI" for mail to and from Parma, "St. JULIEN", "DOMODOSSOLA" and "AOSTA" for mail from Vaud & Valais, Switzerland, CANOBIO to Ticino, ARONA, VOGHERA and NOVARA to Lombardy, Austrian handstamps for mail from Lombardy via Sardinia such as "VIA DEGLI STATI SARDI". 
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : 250 CHF