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Lot# 787 - Auction 257-264

  • Lot# : 787 Greece

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    Catalogue# : 18a+20a+21b
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    Incoming from Russia 1867 (May 9): Partially prepaid entire letter from Rostov/Don to Syra, bearing on front and reverse Russia 1865 Arms 1 kop. black & orange, 3 kop. black & green and three single examples of 10 kop. brown & blue, all on wove paper (Mi 12+13+15) tied by "ROSTOVSKAYA KR." despatch cds's in black (May 9, julian). This payed the first part of the journey with a ROPiT vessel from the Don estuary to Constantinople, where this item was transfered to a French vessel to Syros. On arrival charged with '65' lepta in blue crayon, franked with Consecutive Athens printings 5 l. green, 20 l. sky-blue and 40 l. greyish rose on grey-lilac with vivid colours, paying the 45 lepta for the French vessel and 20 lepta intenal postage, tied by Syros arrival (May 27, julian) cds's. Filing folds through one 10 kop stamp and the 20 lepta, this stamp touched in addition, nevertheless an attractive combination cover. Certs Holcombe (1987), Simmermacher 1999) Hellas 17a+19a+20/IIa.
    Starting bid : 750 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,500 CHF