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Lot# 37 - Auction 257-264

  • Lot# : 37 Ecuador

    1865/72: First Issue collection on leaves, well written up with ½ r. ultramarine/blue unused (28) incl. pairs (6), a strip of four and two blocks of four from the late 1871/72 printing on mottled greyish surface blued paper and used (35) and usages on covers (2), one a single franking; 1865 1 r. buff/orange with an unused top marginal strip of three, used examples (5) and a horizontal strip of four on large piece cancelled at Ambato; 1 r. yellow with unused incl. a single on quadrille paper, pair, blocks of four (2, one with pos. 90 showing the rounded corner), an unused block of twenty (4 x 5) pos. 54-57/90-93 on thin oily paper with poor impression (rare), single examples on covers to Alausi and Chimbo and another from Ambato to Guaranda, two examples on 1871 cover to Lima, 1 r. yellow pairs on covers to Lima cancelled at Guayaquil in blue (April 1870) or in red (January 1873), pair on 1870 cover to Valparaiso cancelled at Guayaquil in blue (opinion Holcombe), 1 r. on blued paper with pair on 1872 cover to Lima, 1 r. green unused (3) and used (7) plus a pair on 1868 cover to Lima and three examples on front to Guranada with ½ r. blue from Riobamba, 1865 4 r. red used (2); study of bisected usages on pieces (5) with 1 r. green bisected used at Cuenca and Monte Christi, 1 r. orange and 4 r. red; a splendid collection (112 items); followed by a remarkable collection of the First Issue Forgeries unused and used incl. multiples (45 items). All items displayed on our internet site, viewing is a pleasure.
    Starting bid : 1,750 CHF
    Hammer price : 3,800 CHF