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Lot# 1450 - Auction 257-264

  • Lot# : 1450 Japan

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    1875, Wild Goose 12 s. rose, Syllabic 3,with top sheet margin on envelope dispatched from 'YOKOHAMA 11 APR 1885' via 'BRINDISI 27 GIU 85' to Dresden/Germany with datestamp for arrival 30 May 1885 on reverse. The adhesive is cancelled with 'Y' type xC (Nishino handbook), but unfortunately not tied to the cover. The BPP expert for Japan, Florian Eichhorn, can not confirm the original use of the 12 s. Wild Goose stamp on the cover, and therefore states in his opinion (2020) "Marke und Stempel echt, Bestätigung als zum Brief zugehörig nicht möglich" (stamp and cancellations are genuine, confirmation of the stamp belonging to the envelope is not possible). The facts:rn1.) correct UPU postage rate to Germany via Brindisi.rn2.) the 'Y' type xC obliteration was used from 1884.rn3.) the 'Y' type xC can have been used together with Nishino type 4B cancellation on the same cover. and the ink of the obliterations look similar in colour as if from the same ink pad.rnThe adhesive stamp is marked in the lower left corner on the reverse by the German Expert 'R.F.Engel' (1897-1943) and shows full original gum on those parts of the reverse which are not affixed to the envelope. In addition the envelope is marked 'R.F.Engel' indicating that stamp and envelope were marked at the same time before the year 1943. Due to the extraordinary rarity of the  Wild Goose 12 s. Syllabic 3 in mint condition we are convinced the 'Y' type xC obliteration to be genuine (also confirmed by Eichhorn BPP), although not recorded to date on the Wild Goose 12 s. After all the original use of the Wild Goose 12s. stamp on the envelope to Dresden seems to be very likely although it can not be proven with certainty due to the lack of obliteration tying from stamp to the envelope. Offered 'as is'.       
    Starting bid : 300 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,900 CHF