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Lot# 7655 - Auction 250-256

  • Lot# : 7655 Austrian Levant

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    Catalogue# : V22a+V22b
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    International Postal Connections to Europe - Spain 1868 (Jan 26): Double rate entire letter from Smirna to Barcelona, franked with 1864 Arms 10 s. dark blue, three singles and a horizontal strip of four, tied by "SMIRNE 26 / 1" cds in black (Tranmer fig. 4), in addition another 10 s. blue in another shade and from another sheet, only lightly tied by an indistinct cds, "Prusia" in oval and framed "affranchissement / insuffisant" alongside in black. Reverse with Triest and Junquera entry cds in blue and Barcelona arrival cds (Feb 6). On front, manuscript '40' kreuzer in red crayon noted for the onward postage to Spain, but the item was again weighed and found to be '16 gr' and therefore triple not double weight. A '32' cuartos handstamp in blue charged as due on delivery. An attractive and desirable cover to a very rare destination from the Austrian Levant. Illustrated in 'Die Österreichische Post in der Levante' on page 399 and in the Ferchenbauer handbook part IV on page 581. Signed Raybaudi. Certificates E. Diena (1991), Ferchenbauer (2020).
    Starting bid : 1,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,200 CHF