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Lot# 82 - Auction 244-249

  • Lot# : 82 Colombia

    1859/81: Collection hundreds stamps used/unused incl. Grenadine Confederation 1859/60 collected spezialized for shades and papers, United States of New Granada Lithography, fresh and fine examples with cancellation interest such as Honda Franca or handwritten Popayan, United States of Colombia Lithography, a good selection of shades, better papers, varieties such as "full stop after 10" (cent.) or "small 5" and cancellations, also handwritten cancellations of Popayan and Espinal, the 50 c. green in a lower marginal strip of three, 1865 Sobreporte issue, registration stamps, one with blue Medellin oval handstamp, 1866 Arms up to 10 p.  black on red, 1868 up to 1 p. again in multitude showing diff. shades and appealing cancellation such as Colon, 1870/74 definitives with 10 c. violet on laid paper, unissued stamps, 1876 20 c. blue in a block of 16 with handwritten cancellation 'Chiguinquira', 1881 registration stamp, in addition local issues and civil war issue Cauca 1894, selection of value letter stamps. A solid and attractive collection, mounted on sheets and well written up.
    Starting bid : 1,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 5,500 CHF