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Lot# 466 - Auction 244-249

  • Lot# : 466 France

    1849/72: Interesting Collection hundreds of stamps primarily used, collected in a specialised manner, some examples in mixed condition, incl. 1849 Cérès 20 c. black unused, with Jan 8 1849 cds, and as 1862 reprint, 20 c. blue not issued as a 1862 reprint, 1 fr. carmine, pairs of 10c. bistre to 40 c. orange, Présidence 10 c. bistre and 25 c. blue unused, Napoléon imperf. collected in a specialised way for shades, printing flaws, also in multiples, with sheet margin on cover, diff. perforations such as Percé en ligne, Susse, both on cover, reprints, Napoléon perf. again collected very specialised with shades and printing flaws, shifted perforation, Napoléon laureated with 5 fr. grey (2), 1 c. to 20 c. unused, large cancellation interest, 1871 Napoléon green on blue (3), also in a strip of three as part of a mixed franking, Bordeaux, partially also in unused condition, compl. report reconstruction, and 1871/75 Cérès, in addition postage due 1871/78 40 c. blue and 60 c. bistre as well as 50 covers.
    Starting bid : 2,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 4,200 CHF