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Lot# 7214 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 7214 Austrian Levant

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    Austrian Lloyd Agency in Ancona, Papal States 1852: 1 b. black on blue green and horizontal pair of 7 b. black on blue, good to enormous margins all round, tied by straight line RIMINI handstamps in black to entire letter addressed to Corfu with crisp oval framed "Agenzie Del Lloyd Austriaco - Ancona" (Tchilinghirian & Stephen fig. 457) with CORFU (March 20) arrival cds alongside, charged '3' (pence) due on receipt for the incoming letter fee. File fold slightly affecting the 1 b. stamp but a very attractive and scarce cover. The postage with Austrian services was 9 kr. for sea carriage to the Ionian Islands and 9 kr. for Austro-Italian land transit for a distance up to 150 kms., amounting to 18 kr. or 16 bajocchi. The underpayment by 1 b. was not taxed. Signed Friebe BPP; certs. Holcombe (1992), RPS (2004).rnProvenance: Collections Arthur Linz, Edwin Müller and Joseph Hackmey. 
    Starting bid : 1,000.00 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold