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Lot# 7212 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 7212 Austrian Levant

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    Austrian Lloyd Agency in Ancona, Papal States 1852: 5 b. black on pale-rose in a vert. strip of three, large even margins all round, stamps lifted for checking and re-affixed, file fold affecting one stamp, tied by ROMA 11 DEC 52 cds's to entire letter addressed to Corfu, Ionian Islands, endorsed "via d'Ancona" with oval framed "Agenzie Del Lloyd Austriaco - Ancona" (Tchilinghirian & Stephen fig. 457) and Corfu arrival cds alongside. Charged '3' (pence) due on receipt for incoming letter fee. An attractive cover to a scarce destination. The postage with Austrian services was 9 kr. for sea carriage and 9 kr. for Austro-Italian land transit for a distance up to 150 kms., amounting to 18 kr. or 16 bajocchi. The underpayment by 1 b. was not taxed. Cert. RPS (2004).
    Starting bid : 300.00 CHF
    Hammer price : 600.00 CHF