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Lot# 7082 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 7082 Lombardy-Venetia

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    Croce di S. Andrea 1857 (Nov 13): Carta a mano 10 c. black type Ia with two complete St. Andrew's Crosses at right of the stamp in combination with two additional 10 c. stamps and a Carta a macchina 15 c. bright red, the 10 c. with the Cross with fair to large margins, the three other stamps with good to large margins all round, all with vivid colours, tied by three strikes of "MILANO 13/11" cds to outer letter sheet to Vicenza, reverse with part arrival datestamp and '3' distribution cancel. Minute marginal nick on top of stamp just mentioned for accuracy, without any importance for this item presenting the only 10 c. with sideways St. Andrew's Crosses on cover.rnThree combinations of 10 c. stamps with St. Andrew's crosses had been known in the past including one strip of five with two stamps and three Crosses, being part of the famous 'Mystery' collection which should have been offered in May 1959 at Shanahan (lot 1207), was stolen and the whereabouts of this item are unknown. There exist in addition to this presumably lost strip two covers, incl. one cover with a St. Andrew's cross below the 10 c. stamp and the item offered here which is presumably the largest combination of St. Andrew's crosses with 10 c. stamps existing. A unique and extremely desirable cover for a high-end collection of Lombardo-Veneto or the Old Italian States.rnDescribed in the census of Dr. Jerger in 'Allgemeine und besondere Frankaturen' (1983) and the one of Greg Todd (2004).rnSigned Alberto Diena, Enzo Diena, Renato Mondolfo, E. Asinelli and Giorgio Colla; cert. Ferchenbauer (2004) Ferchenbauer = LP/Sassone = € 525'000.rnProvenance: Collection Renato Mondolfo, shown at WIPA 1981; Collection Dr. Anton & Elisabeth Jerger.
    Starting bid : 100,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 150,000 CHF