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Lot# 2145 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 2145 Collections/lots worldwide

    1870/62: Lot over 40 crash covers/cards or wreck mail envelopes, showing diff. special cachets as: 'Durch Feindeinwirkung' on defective envelope from "Prague 18.3.44" to Amsterdam , bilingual two line handstamp 'SAUVÉ DZ NAUFRAGE DU 'CAIRO'' in violet on official envelpe sealed POSTE KHEDIVIE EGIZIANI/GABINETTO DEL VIZE DIRETTORE on reverse, further envelope showing 'Salved from the Sea', 'Damaged by Sea Water' or for political reasons as 'Wegen unruhen in Brasilien verzögert' on air cover to Germany (28.11.35), 'Quetta Eathquake Postage Free', 'Salvaged Mail Ex Centurion' (1939, Dec.6) on envelope from Perak to London, together with two 'Ballons Montés' (stamps floated off) and 70 picture postcards or photographs of diff. disasters.
    Starting bid : 400 CHF
    Hammer price : 700 CHF