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Lot# 1520 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 1520 Romania

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    Catalogue# : 6ax+7ya
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    1859 (July 25): The extraordinary registered cover to Waslui, sensibly opened for Exhibit display, franked on reverse for registration with Austria 1858 10 kr. brown (Mi. 14) tied by "Recommandirt / Wien" datestamp in red. The cover was prepaid to the border (note the "Franco" marking in red on front and the diagonal manuscript line denoting full pre-payment), with the postage paid in cash with manuscript "30 / 20" (kreuzers) and arriving at the Austrian Post Office in Jassy (30/7) with blue datestamp on reverse. The letter was transferred to the Moldavian Post Office for onward registered transmission to Waslui franked by 1858 40 pa. blue on bluish wove paper, horizontal pair with four margins tied by "Jassy / Moldova" datestamps (Kiriac fig. 279) in blue (19/7, Julian calendar). Upon arrival in Waslui a manuscript note was eventually applied by the Waslui postmaster: "D-sale kk. Katinna Rosseti nascuta Sturza, Soleshtiu" (Her Ladyship Katinna Rosetti, née Sturza, Soleshtiu). The village is located 15 kms from Waslui in which the Sturza / Rossetti's lived and had no Post Office at this date, thus both letters would have been picked up from Waslui by a family employee. The pair of this 40 pa. was likely applied on despatch in Vienna and accepted as full payment in Jassy as is proved by the second  cover bearing the 80 pa. uncancelled. The item is matched with the (also unique) 1859 cover bearing Austria 1858 10 kr. brown (2) and 15 kr. blue mailed to Waslui in September cancelled in Vienna in red and bearing an uncancelled 1858 80 pa. red at right. A wonderful and unique pair of covers for the Postal History connisseur of both Austria and Romania. Illustrated in Heimbüchler I, page 143, Book III also on page 143 and Edition d'Or volume XII on page 72/73. Cert. Heimbüchler (2010).rnNote: The letters were sent from Vienna by Theodore Rosetti, Prime Minister of Romania from 1888-1889, whilst he was studying law in Vienna, to his mother "Madame Ecathérine Rosetti, née Sturdza", a relative of Helena Rosetti who married Prince Cuza. We are grateful for the help of Sorin Ianculescu for his assistance and further background information on the describing of these two covers.
    Starting bid : 50,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 40,000 CHF