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Lot# 1260 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 1260 French Colonies

    1859/1910: Interesting old-time Collection of French offices abroad and colonies, hundreds primarily used stamps in mixed condition incl. Levant with usage of French Sage 5 fr. violet in Constantinople, Cavalla, Port Lagos, French Colonies general issues with Aigle, the 1 c. olive with Papete cds on piece, 1872 Napoleon 5 c. green postmarked in Saigon, Cérès, Sage und Groupe, postage due, in addition colonial issues from Anjouan, Benin, Dahomey, Diego-Suarez, Ivory Coast, French Guinea, French Congo, Gaboon, Madagascar, Morocco, Martinique, Réunion with Sage 40 c. showing variety: no accent on the overprint, Senegal, Somali Coast,Tahiti, Tunis, Zanzibar, French Guiana, Gouadeloupe, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Annam, Cochin, Indochina, French India, French Oceania, and New Caledonia.
    Starting bid : 500 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,600 CHF